Act in favour of Coline Makenzie of Kintale

Oure soverane lord, with avise of the estaitis of this present parliament, ratifies, apprevis and perpetuallie confermis to Colene McKenzie of Kintaill and the aris maill lauchtfullie gottin or to be gottin of his bodie, quhilkis falyeing, to the said Colenis aris maill quhatsumevir bruiking the surename and armes of the hous of Kintaill, the tua severall infeftmentis maid and granted be his hienes to the said Colene and his foirsaidis, the ane thairof of the dait at Haliruidhous, the xx day of Januar the yeir of God jM vC lxxxxj yeiris off all and haill that the barony and landis of Assint and utheris contenit thairin as becuming in his hienes handes be resignatioun of Torquill McCloyid of the Lewyis and his procurators, with the claus de novo damus thairin contenit; the uther of certane landis, richtis of patronages, advocatioun and donatioun of kirkis, chaiplanries and benefices and utheris thairin contenit as becum in his hienes handes be vertew of the act of annexatioun annexing all the temporall landis of benefices to his hienes croun, as the infeftment maid thairupoun of the dait at Edinburgh, the ferd day of Februar the yeir of God jM vC lxxxxj yeiris in the self at lenth beris in all the heidis, clauses and articles of the samyn. And haldis baith the saidis charteris and ather of thame as fully and word be word ingrossit and insert in this present act; and this confirmatioun to be als valide and effectuall as gif the saidis charteris and ather of thame wer particularlie expressit heirin, quhilkis be thir presentis ar hauldin as repetit de verbo in verbum; and willis and ordanis the samyn to stand effectuall to him and his foirsaidis in all tymes heireftir, renunceand for now and evir all actioun or executioun that in onywayis may be competent to his hienes aganis the foirsaidis infeftmentis, and dischargeing all utheris of quarrelling thairof at ony tyme heireftir.

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