Anent the kingis majesties privie counsaill

Oure soverane lord, considdering that the noblemen, baronis and sum utheris nominat to be of his hienes privie counsaill at the last parliament attendit nocht thairupoun in maner as wes appointit, quhairthrow his majesties awin effayres and the materris concernig the commoun weill of the realme wer oftymes neglectit, for remeid quhairof in tyme cuming, his hienes, with advise of his estaitis in this present parliament, hes thot expedient, statute and ordanit that the noblemen, lordis of his hienes parliament, salbe of his hienes privie counsaill quhen thai happin to be present or beis send for be his majestie, and committis the dalie remembrance, cair and directioun, furtherance of the executioun and administratioun of the wechtie effayres concerning his hienes estait and realme to the personis undirwrittin, thay ar to say the Duke of Lennox, the Erll of Mar, the Erll of Montrois, the chancellair, thesaurair, thesaurair depute, kepair of the privie seill, maister of requestis, secretair, justice clerk, comptroller, collectour, capitain of his gard, clerk of register, maister almousser, Schir Johnne Seytoun, Schir George Hume, maister of the garderob, Schir Williame Keith, Schir James Melvill, knichtis, and Maister David Carnegie of Culluthie, or ony sevin of thame, quhome his hienes willis to be still resident, attending and remanig with his majestie quhair he salhappin to be for the tyme, except for sic schort space as his hienes sall permit ony of thame to await upoun thair awin effayres, his majesties licence to that effect being alwyes socht and grantit, and this forme quhill the nixt parliament and ay and quhill forder order be takin to indure.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.22r-22v. Two blank pages between these numbered folios have been accidentally left blank, the pages apparently having been turned and the current act continuing onto f.22v without a break. Back
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin. Back