Act for mending of the calsay of the Cannowgait and outwith the wetter yett

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, understanding how necesser and expedient it salbe, alsweill for the decoratioun of the policie within this realme as for the weill of his hienes leiges, to repair, beit and mend the calsay betuix his majesties palice yett of Haliruidhous and the Nether Bow of Edinburgh, with the entres and passages quhairby it is reparit to and fra the said palice, and speciallie betuix the Cloikmylne and the watter yett, and thairfra to Leith Wynd fute; and his majestie and estaitis foirsaidis, knawing na reddear meane and way to sustene the expenses of the said reparatioun and less hurtfull to the leigis nor to exact the custume and impost undirwrittin, as hes bene observit and usit be his graces maist [noble] predicessoris quhen the like occasioun wes offerit, thairfoir oure said soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament gevis, grantis and committis full power and comissioun to the ballies and counsaill of the Cannowgait present and being for the tyme, be thame selffis and thair deputtis, ane or ma, under thame, quhome his majestie and estaitis gevis thame full pouer to mak and creat, to collect, gadder, intromettwith and uptak tua pennies usuall money of this realme of everie full cart, with ane pennie of everie horse laid that sall cum within the said watter yett to be sauld in the marcat, and, gif neid beis, to poynd and distrenyie thairfoir, makand, constituand and ordinand the saidis ballies and counsaill present and being for the tyme and thair depuittis, ane or ma, undowtit and irrevocable collectouris of the same for the space of thre yeiris nixt efter thair entrie thairto, quhilk salbe and begin at the day and dait of thir presentis and forder to continew during his majesties will, provyding alwayes the saidis ballies and counsaill present and being for the tyme as said is befoir the expyring of the saidis yeiris beit, mend and repair the saidis passages within the bounds foirsaidis, with sufficient calsayis deulie as effeyris.

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