Explanatioun of the act maid in favoure of the vassallis of personis foirfaltit

Forsamekle as in the act of the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the fyft day of Junii the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir tuelf yeiris, in favoure of the wassellis of thame that ar foirfalt, being nawyis culpable of the crymes for quhilkis thair superiouris suld be foirfaltit, having landis, heretage, annuelrentis, lyfrentis, pensionis and portionis quhatsumevir haldin of ony personis callit and foirfaltit in the said parliament, or that suld happin in ony tyme thaireftir to be foirfaltit for quhatsumevir crymes of treasone and lesemajestie, suld bruik and joyse the saidis landis, heretage, annuelrentis, lyfrentis, pensionis or portionis quhatsumevir nochtwithstanding the foirfalting of thair superioris thairof; and sall hald the same of the nixt superioure immediat, utherwayis the same to be null. Quhilk act oure soverane lord, with advise of his estaitis in parliament, declaris sall not extend in the favoure of ony conjunct personis to the saidis personis foirfaltit or to be foirfaltit, that is to say to thair wyiffis, barnis, brether or sisteris.

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