Additioun to the panis of lawborrowis and unlawes

Oure soverane lord and his estatis in this present parliament, considdering that be the alteratioun of the availl of current money in this and sindrie cuntries of late yeiris the ancient panis and unlawes of lawborrous, or for not agane bringing of lettrez, or for non comperance befoir the justice or his depuittis at particular dyettis to underly the law for slauchteris and utheris odious crymes, hes bene sa small as thay have not gevin ony terrour to wickit men to offend this lang tyme bygane; and quhair the smalnes of the saidis panis and unlawes hes moved his majestie oftymes to call the personis complenit upoun befoir his hienes and his secreit counsaill to answerit to the complaint, to the effect that souirtie micht be ressavit under greitar panis nor the commoun accustumat ofbefoir, that the personis complenit upoun suld be maid answerable to justice, quhilk forme hes not tane sa guid effecte as wes hoiped for, bot sumtym hes bene the occasioun of double convocatioun and tumultis within the burgh of Edinburgh, being the seate of justice, and hes moved the privie counsaill oftymes to be occupiet with that, quhilk propirlie pertenit to the jugement and jurisdictioun of the lordis of counsaill and sessioun and justice generall. For remeid quhairof, his hienes and the saidis estaitis statutis and ordanis that in tyme cuming the panis and unlawes of lawborrous, or for non again bringing of lettres to the justice clerk and his depuittis, or for non comperance befoir the justice efter souertie fund, salbe for every erll or lord tua thowsand pund, for every greit barroun ane thowsand pundis, for everie frehaldair ane thowsand mark, far everie fewar fyve hundreth merkis, for everie gentleman unlandit tua hundreth merkis, and for everie yeman man ane hundreth markis, off ilk persoun summond to pas upoun assyis befoir the justice ane hundreth markis; and that the justice clerk and his depuittis ressave souirtie according to the saidis panis in tyme cuming, and na utherwayes, as thay will answer upoun the dewtie and executioun of thair offices; and the saidis panis of lawborrous to be devidit equallie betuix the king and the pairtie offendit unto conforme to the act maid thairupoun ofbefoir, and that the unlaw of all personis arreistit and not comperand at the first justice air ower all the realme in tyme cuming salbe tuentie pund.

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