Act for releif of ministeris that ar trublit be pensionaris or taxmen

Forsamekle as sindrie ministeris quha has bene in lang possessioun of thair stipendis be virtew of thair assignationis ar trublit be pensionaris or takismen quha has tane in tak, gift or pensioun ather thair haill stipendis or one greit pairt thairof, and has obtenit ratificatioun in parliament thairupoun, thairfoir oure soverane lord, with avise of the estaitis of this present parliament, ordanis that all ministeris stipendis in tyme cuming be frie frome all takkis, pensionis, taxationis or impositonis quhatsumevir, notwithstanding of ony gift or dispositioun maid in the contrair, to the effect that the ministeris may bruik thair stipendis peceablie in all tyme cuming without ony truble according to thair assignationis.

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