Committee members: lords of the articles

The haill estaitis of parliament chesit thir personis underwrittin to be lordis of the articles:

Togidder with the ordinar officiaris of estait, Alexander, lord Urquhart, chosin in place of the chancellar, Schir Thomas Lyoun of Auldbar, knicht, thesaurair to oure soverane lord, Schir Robert Melvill of Murdocarny, knicht, thesaurair depute, Schir Richerd Cokburne of Clerkingtoun, knicht, secretar to oure soverane lord, David Seytoun of Parbroth, his hienes comptroller, Schir Johnne Cokburne of Ormeistoun, knicht, justice clerk, and Maister Robert Dowglais, provest of Lincluden, his hienes collectoure.

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