Judicial proceeding: summons of treason

The quhilk day Maister David McGill of Cranstoun Riddell, advocat to oure soverane lord, producit ane summondis of tressone deulie execute and indorsat aganis George, erll of Huntlie, Schir Patrik Gordoun of Auchindoun, knicht, Thomas Gordoun of Clunye and Williame Gordoun of Geicht and certane their complices for the cryme of tressone committit at Dunybrissell, as the summondis depending thairupoun at lenth beris; upoun the productioun quhareof, the said advocat askit instrumentis. And siclyk producit Williame Porteous, messinger, executour of the first executioun execute upoun the thrid day of Aprile jM vC lxxxxiij yeiris at the mercat croce of Edinburgh, and maid faith that his executioun wes trew, as the samyn beris; and Johne Purdie and Daniell Grahame, present, maid faith that thay wer requirit witneses to the said executioun, and that they hard and saw him execute the same. And also producit Daniell Grahame, messinger, executour of the secund and thrid executionis execute upoun the nynt day of Aprile last bypast at the mercat croce of Abirdene, and Normond Leslie's duelling hous thair, and executour of the ferd executioun upoun the xj day of Aprile jM vC lxxxxiij yeiris, at the saidis personis duelling houses, and executour of the fift executioun upoun the tuelf day of Aprile lxxxxiijo at the mercat croce of Bamf, and executour of the sext executioun execute upoun the xij day of Aprile the yeir of God foirsaid at certane thair duelling places, and executour of the sevint executioun execute upoun the xiij day of Aprile etc. lxxxxiij yeiris at the mercat croces of Elgin, Fores and Invernes, and executour of the aucht executioun execute upoun the xv day of Aprile lxxxxiij at certane of thair duelling houses, and executour of the penult and last executionis execute upoun the auchtene and nyntene dayis of Aprile the yeir foirsaid at certane of thair duelling houses; and the said Daniell Grahame maid faith that he execute the saidis summondis of tressone upoun the foirsaidis haill personis in maner contenit in his saidis executionis; and Donald Neill and Alexander Rynd, being baith present, maid faith that they wer requirit witneses be the said Daniell Grahame to his saidis executionis and that thay hard and saw the said Daniell execute the samyn as thay beir.

Upoun the verificatioun of the quhilkis summondis, and that the saidis officiaris and thair witneses comperit in presence of the saidis lordis commissionaris of perliament and verifiet their awin executionis that the samyn wer trewlie execute as the samyn beris, the said Maister David McGill and Maister Johnne Skene, his hienes advocattis, askit instrumentis.

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