Ratificatioun to the Laird of Donypace

Oure soverane lord now efter his aige of xxv yeiris, with avise of the estatis of this realme convenit at this present parliament, ratifies, apprevis and, for his majestie and his successouris, perpetuallie confermis the charter and infeftment maid and grantit be his majestie to his hienes lovittis Johnne Levingstoun, eldair, of Donypace, in lyfrent for all the dayis of his lyvetyme, and to Johne Levingstoun, his sone and apperand air, in franctenement and lyfrent for all the dayis of his lyftyme efter his said fatheris deceis quhen it salhappin, and to Johne Levingstoun, sone and apperand air to the said Johne Levingstoun, apperand of Donypace, his aris and assignais in fie heretablie, off all and sindrie the landis and utheris efter specefiit, quhilkis ar thair awin propre landis and heretages, with all liberties and priveligeis contenit in the said infeftment according to the tennour and substance thairof in all pointis. Lyk as his majestie willis and declaris and, be thir presentis, expreslie decernis and ordanis that it sall nocht be lesum to the said Johnne Levingstoun, eldar, and Johnne Levingstoun, younger, of Donypace, franctenementaris and lyfrentaris foirsaidis, in na tymes cuming during thair lyftymes to hurt or prejuge the said Johnne Levingstoun, sone to the said Johnne Levingstoun, younger, of Donypace, fear foirsaid, his aris or assignais, anent the landis, baronies and utheris under mentionat and thair pertinentis pertening to him efter thair deceisis, nor mak the samyn in ony wer, estait nor conditioun, nor the same presentlie ar.

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