Ratificatioun to Maister George Tod

Oure soverane lord, with avise of the estaitis of this present parliament, ratifies, apprevis and confermis his hienes lettre of gift maid and grantit to Maistir George Tod, ane of the collectouris depuittis, off his yeirlie fie and pensioun gevin to him for his service, with assignatioun thairof, furth of the kirkis of Deirnes and Schapnischa, assumed in the thrid of the bischoiprik of Orknay, as his majesties lettre maid to him thairupoun at mair lenth beris, with all pointis, articles and clausis contenit thairin, decernand, declarand and ordinand that the said Maistir George sall bruik, joyse and posses his said feall and pensioun during his said lyftyme according to his said gift, decreit and lettres past thairupoun, notwithstanding ony actis, lettres, constitutionis or ordinances maid in the contrair, or that onywayis may prejuge the said Maistir George of his said fie and pensioun; quhairanent his hienes, with avise foirsaid, dispensis be this present act.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'. Back