Ratificatioun to James Maitland

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament ratifies and apprevis the gift of pensioun be umquhile Robert, bischoip of Dunkeld, with consent of the dene and chaiptour of the cathedrall kirk thairof, to David Creichtoun, sone lauchtfull to Alexander Creichtoun of Nauchtan, safar as the samyne concernis the pensioun of threscoir pundis grantit be the said bischoip to the said David yeirlie to be upliftit furth of the reddiest fruittis, rentis, teyndis, proffittis and emolumentis and best payment of the silver dewtie of the teyndis of the landis and baronie of Boncle and Prestoun lyand within the schiredome of Beruik during the said Davidis lyftyme, with power to transfer the samyne, in all or in part, to quhatsumevir persoun or personis, as the said gift beris; togidder with the assignatioun and translatioun of the said gift safar as concernis the said pensioun of threscoir pundis yeirlie to be upliftit of the said teynd, fruittis and emolumentis of the saidis landis and baronie of Boncle and Prestoun maid be the said David Creichtoun, with consent and assent of the said Alexander Creichtoun, his father, tutour, gydar and lauchtfull administratour, and als be the said Alexander, takand the burding upoun him for the said David, to James Maitland, sone lauchtfull to umquhile James Maitland of Auchingassill, for all the dayis of his lyftyme; and declaris that the said gift and assignatioun salbe sufficient richt and title to the said James Maitland for uplifting of the said yeirlie pensioun of threscoir pundis during all the dayis of his lyftyme, and the samyne to be als sufficient richt and title to him as gif he war provydit thairto be oure soverane lord or be ony uther the best way requirit be the lawis of this realme.

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