Ratificatioun to Williame Hume off Bassindene

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of parliament, having sene and ryplie considderit the lettres of pensioun grantit at the desyre of umquhile Schir Johnne Hume of Coldinknowis, knicht, in recompensatioun of his service in the lang weir aganis England, and of the greit heirschippis quhilk he sustenit throw occasioun thairof, frome oure soverane lordis umquhile darrest guid dame furth of the fruittis of the abbacie of Kelso, than vaikand, to Williame Hume, eldair, his lauchtfull sone, quhilk pensioun wes disponit thaireftir to the said Williame for all the dayis of his lyftyme be provisioun furth of the court of Rome, with consent of the intrant, quhairof he hes bene in possessioun continewallie sensyne; and als oure said soverane lord and his saidis estaitis in parliament have sene and considderit the tak and assedatioun sett be the commendater of Kelso for the tyme, with consent of the convent of the samyn, to the said Williame Hume and George Hume, his sone, for all the dayis of thair lyftymes and the langest levair of thame tua, and to ane air succeidand to the said langest levair for the space of nyntene yeiris, off all and haill the teyndis, fruittis and emolumentis of the paroche kirk of Gordoun, parsonage and vicarage thairof, for the yeirlie payment of certane wictuall or prices thairof, liquidat in the said assedatioun extending yeirlie to the sowme of thre hundreth markis, quhilk is defalkit to the said Williame be the said assedatioun for payment and satisfactioun to him of the said yeirlie pensioun; and forder, oure said soverane lord and his saidis estaitis, having sene and considderit ane infeftment maid to the said Williame, his aris and assignais be the said commendater and convent of Kelso off all and haill the kirkland of Gordoun, with the pertinentis, for ane yeirlie few maill and dewtie contenit in the samyne, quhilkis pensioun, assedatioun and infeftment his majestie and his estaitis foirsaidis hes fund and declarit and, be the tennour of thir presentis, findis and declaris to have bene and to be deulie and lauchfullie maid in all pointis and circumstances thairof; and thairfoir, his majestie and his saidis estaitis decernis and ordanis that the samyne sall remane and abyd in full force, strenth and effect to the said Williame, George, his sone, and thair aris and assignais thairin contenit efter the forme and tennour thairof in all pointis; lyk as his hienes and estaitis foirsaidis decernis, declaris and ordanis that the process of foirfaltour led, or to be led, aganis Frances, sumtyme erll Bothuill, and commendater of the said abbay of Kelso, or quhatsumevir sentence or jugement salbe gevin aganis the inhabilitie of his posteritie, sall nawyis tuiche the pensioun, assedatioun and infeftment foirsaid, nather sall the persoun quha salhappin to be providit to the said abbacie or quhatsumevir uther to be hard to quarrell the samyne for quhatsumevir caus, bot quhasoevir salbe providit to the said abbacie sall, at his entrie thairto, be astrictit to ratifie and appreve the samyne as gif thai wer ane speciall conditioun and claus speciall contenit in his provisioun to do the samyne.

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