Ratificatioun to George Hammiltoun in Prestoun

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of parliament hes ratifiet and apprevit and, be thir presentis, ratifies and apprevis and perpetuallie confermis, for his hienes and his successouris, the charter and infeftment granted be his hienes under the greit seill to his lovit George Hammiltoun in Prestoun, his aris and assignais, off the heretable gift of all and haill the landis of Rollandstoun, with thair pertinentis, liand within the schiredome of Beruik, as fallin and becum in his majesties handis, nocht onlie be the foirfaltour of James, sumtyme erll Bothuill, bot also be the foirfaltour of Frances, sumtyme erll Bothuile, and certane utheris causis specefiit in the said infeftment as the samyn beris, with the precept, sasing and all that hes followit thairupoun in all and sindre pointis, clausis and articles thairof; and willis, decernis and declaris that the said infeftment salbe guid, valide and sufficient, nochtwithstanding quhatsumevir act or statute maid quhilk may tend to the prejudice and dirogatioun thairof in onywayes.

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