Ratificatioun to the Laird of Phillorth

Oure soverane lord and his estaitis of parliament, for sindre guid and ressonable causis moving his hienes, ratifies, apprevis and, for his hienes and his successouris, perpetuallie confermis the charter and infeftment maid be his hienes efter his perfite aige of xxj yeris compleit to Alexander Fraser of Phillorth, his aris and assignais, off all and haill the landis and baronies of Phillorth, Tipertie, Utilaw, Scattertie, Fathlie, Tyrie Heavin and Port of Faithley, burgh and baronie thairof, with mylnis, fischingis, partis, pendicles and thair pertinetis, with advocatioun, donatioun and richtis of the patronages of the kirkis thairin contenit, erectioun of frie baronie and burgh of baronie, privilegeis, immunities and uthris quhatsumevir specefiit in the said charter, as the samyn of the dait the nynt day of Aprile, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxviij yeris at lenth proportis; and als the tak maid be his hienes, with consent of the collectour generall, to George, erll of Huntlie, his aris and assignais, of the teynd schawis and utheris teynde of the kirk of Rathin for the space of xix yeris; togidder with the assignatioun maid be the said erll to the said Alexander and his aris of the said tak and richt thairof, and all and sindre utheris heidis, articles, pasis, conditionis and clausis of the said charter, tak and assignatioun foirsaid as gif the samyn wer at lenth, word be word, insert in this present act efter the forme and tennouris thairof in all pointis. And our soverane lord will and grantis and, for his hienes and his successouris, decernis and ordanis that the said infeftment, tak and assignatioun is and in all tymes cumming salbe sufficient and variable richtis and securities to the said Alexander and his foirsaidis for bruiking, joysing and possessing of the saidis landis, baronies, mylnes, woddis, fischingis, advocatioun, donatioun and richt of patronage of the kirkis thairin specifiit, intrometting and uptaking of the males, sumes, proffittis, dewties, teyndis and fruittis of the kirkis contenit in the said infeftment, tak and assignatioun now and in all tymes cuming; nochtwithstanding quhatsumevir actis, constitutionis or revocationis speciall or generall maid now efter his majesties lauchtfull and perfite aige of tuentie fyve yeris compleit, anent the quhilkis his majestie, for his hienes and his successouris, dispensis for evir, renunceand be thir presentis and transferrand all actioun, richt, title and entres quhilkis his hienes, his predicessouris or successouris haid, hes or may have to the saidis landis, baronies, kirkis and utheris contenit thairin with thair pertinentis to and in favouris of the said Alexander and his foirsaidis, sua that he and thai may bruik, joyse and possess the samyne in all tymes cuming, but stop, truble or impediment to be movit to thame thairin in onywayis. Attour, oure said soverane lord and estatis decernis and ordanis, gif neid beis, new infeftment and securitie to be maid be his hienes or his successouris to the said Alexander, his aris and assignais, off the saidis landis, baronies, mylnis, fischingis, richt of patronage and utheris befoir mentionat, to be haldin in sic ample forme and maner as is contenit in the said new infeftment and utheris securiteis maid to the said Alexander and his predicessouris thairupoun, and to be extendit with all clausis necessar as efferis.

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