Ratificatioun in favour of the barnis of the umquhill Laird of Segy

Oure soverane lord, with advise of the estaitis of parliament, having respect to the gude, trew and thankfull service done to his hienes be umquhile James Meldrum of Segye, ane of the senatouris of the college of justice, and having his barnis in singular commendatioun, ratifies, apprevis and confermis all and quhatsumevir giftes of pensionis, assignationis and dispositionis of wictuallis and sowmes of monie assignit thairfoir in favouris of Alexander, Johnne and James Meldrumis, lauchfull barnis to the said umquhile James, ather proceding directlie fra his majestie or fra umquhile Robert, erll of Merche, commendater of the priorie of Sanctandrois, with all decreittis, sentencis, lettrez and executoriallis direct thairupoun; and willis that the same sall stand in full strenth in all tyme heireftir according to thair richtis, nochtwithstanding quhatsumevir richt, gift, dispositioun or assignatioun maid in the contrair to quhatsumevir his hienes leigis; and declaris that sa oft as ony of the saidis assignationis salbe usit aganis the saidis barnis or to thair prejudice thay salbe preferrit in thair richt, and the saidis pretendit assignationis nawyis regardit, howsoevir the same hes bene impetrat or salbe impetrat heireftir; and ordanis publicatioun to be maid heirupoun.

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  2. Written in margin: 'P'. Back