Procedure: protest
Protestatioun of Adame, bischoip of Orknay

The quhilk day, in presence of the kingis majestie and his estaitis of parliament, comperit personallie Adame, bischoip of Orknay, commendater of Halyruidhous, and protestit that quhatsumevir new infeftment is grantit to Patrik, lord Zetland and maistir of Orknay at this tyme of the erledome and lordschip of Zetland, that the said infeftment sall nawayis be prejudiciall to the actioun that the said commendater hes aganis ane nobill lord Robert, erll of Orknay, or aganis the said Patrik, as sone and air to the said noble lord, or as air and successour to his brother Harie, fear of Orknay, concerning the releif that the said noble lord and the said umquhile Harie wes astrictit unto to mak payment to the said commendater of the thriddis of Halyrudhous at the ministeris handes and utheris pretendand richt thairto according to ane contract maid thairupoun, the yeir of God jM vC threscoir aucht yeiris, nor to na uther contract, appointment or obligatioun maid be the said noble lord or Harie, his sone, to the said commendater; and that the said commendater may have the lyk actioun and executioun of decreittis aganis the said Patrik, now maistir of Orknay, as successour to his saidis father and brother as he micht have haid aganis the said erll, and the said umquhile Harie, his sone, befoir this present infeftment.

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