Procedure: commission
For visitting and caussing of the lawes and actis of parliament to be prentit

Oure soverane lord, with advise of his estaitis, ordanis and commandis his traist cousing and counsallour Johnne, lord of Thirlestane, his hienes chancellair, be him selff, assistit with Maister Johnne Lindsay, persoun of Memmure, Alexander Hay of Eister Kennet, clerk of registrar, Maister Johnne Skene, advocat, Maister George Young, archeadecone of Sanctandrois, Maister Thomas Hammiltoun, apperand of Preistisfeld, Maister Williame Scott, directour of the chancellarie, and Maister Johnne Hay, sone and depute to the said clerk of registrat, to visite the lawes and actis maid in this present parliament and all utheris municipall lawes and actis of parliament bygane quhairof thair is registeris or autentik monumentis extant, and to considder quhat lawis or actis necessarlie wald be knawin to the subjectis, quhilkis suld be kepit and obeyit be thame, and, to mak thame inexcusable of ignorance, to caus the samyn lawes and actis be copiit and autentik copies subscryvit to be deliverit to his hienes prentar, togidder or severallie, as the said lord chancellair and personis joneyd to assist him sall think expedient, als oft and in sic nowmer as thai sall think gude that the same may cum probablie to the knawlege of all the subjectis sa sone as is possible; and gevis and grantis full power to the said chancellair and utheris appointit to the effect foirsaid be thir presentis, and that the copie and directioun subscryvit be the said lord chancellair and clerk of registrar, with ony uther tua of the personis abonewrittin appointit to assist him, sall be a sufficient warrand to the said prentar to the effect abonespecefiit.

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