Anent the custumes of Englische guidis

Item, oure soverane lord and estatis of this present parliament ratifies, apprevis and confermis the act of secret counsaill maid upoun the penult day of Februar, jM vC lxxxix yeris, anent the bringing of all pakkis of Inglis claith haill unbrokin up to the custume hous and selling thairof in maner contenit thairintill in all pointis, articles and clausis respective specifiet in the same, with this additioun: that na maner of personis tak upoun hand to hows, hyd or conceill ony maner of Englis guidis, ather cumand be sey or land in ony burgh or suburbe of this realme, under the pane of confiscatioun of all the guidis sua hid and concelit in defraud of the dew custume quhair evir the same can be apprehendit. And incace the samyn be not apprehendit, the awnaris to mak the availl thairof furthcumand to his majestie as escheit efter tryell tane thairintill as effeiris, as alsua for the better executioun to ordane ilk custumar to serch within the boundis of his office all maner of houses and buithis alsweill to burgh as to land and to escheat, confisk and intromett with all maner of uncustumat Englis guidis, and all Englis claith unseillit and, gif neid beis, to mak oppin durris and uther lokfast lumes, and to use his majesties keyis to that effect. And incace ony personis ressist be force to mak oppin and patent durris to the said custumer for the effect foirsaid, the personis resistaris to be under the lyk danger as the committaris of the deforcementis and to be punist in thair personis and guidis conforme to the act maid thairanent; ordaning also the provest, ballies and magistratis of ilk burgh, gif neid beis, to concur and assist with the saidis custumaris in executioun heirof sua oft as thai salbe requirit thairto.

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