Anent the payment of the burrow males

Item, becaus the burrow ruidis, landis and privilegis of the maist pairt of the burrowis of this realme ar sett of auld for the burrow males contenit in thair infeftmentis to be payit in striviling money, and throw the owirsicht and negligence of his majesties officiaris thir mony and dyvers yeris bygane the saidis males ar ressavit in current money of this realme, to his hienes greit hurt and dannage, thairfoir his majestie, with avise of his estaitis, ordanis the haill provest and ballies of the burrowis of this realme to produce thair infeftmentis in this nixt chekker to be sene and considderit be the lordis auditouris thairof that it may be knawin quhethair thay aucht to pay thair saidis burrow males in striviling monie or usuall current money of this realme, with certificatioun and thay failyie thay salbe haldin to pay the samyn in all tymes heireftir in striviling money, or els the availl thairof as it is now current in Scotland.

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