Ratificatioun of the kingis majesties revocatioun

The estaitis of this present parliament ratifies and apprevis his hienes revocatioun maid efter his perfite aige of twentie ane yeris compleit in the moneth of Julii in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, jM vC fourscoir sevin yeiris; and siclyk ratifies and apprevis his majesties revocatioun maid at Falkland, the sevintene day of Julii, jM vC fourscoir ellevin yeiris, off all thingis done in his hienes grace minoritie and les aige befoir his hienes aige of tuentie ane yeiris, and tuentie ane yeris of his motheris aige, in detriment and harme of his saull and conscience, in hurt of the previlege of his croun, prejudiciall to the same and to his majestie in the patrimonie thairof, safar as the commoun law and consuetude of this realme levis his hienes to revoik; and this act to have als greit effect and als largelie extendit in generall and in speciall as ony revocatioun maid be ony his majesties progenitouris of befoir, and suppois his hienes of his favour and benevolence sufferis ony persone or personis to use and posseid ony privilege or possessionis of landis, rentis and offices that ar fallin under his graces revocatioun, sall mak na richt to the usaris and haldaris thairof, bot it salbe lefull to his majestie to put his handis thairto quhen evir it sall pleis him, but ony contradictioun be vertew of the said revocatioun, actis and constitutionis of this realme maid of befoir.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, f.23r. Back
  2. A draft copy of this act can be found at NAS, PA7/1, no.43. The copy notes that the act was approved by the lords of the articles on 3 June 1592. Back
  3. Written in margin: 'P'. Back