For furthering of the payment and inbringing of the kingis casualities

Becaus it is provydit that criminall lettrez sall not neid to be regisrat, bot returnit to the adjornal, thairfoir ordanis and commandis the justice clerk and his depuittis, within sex dayis efter criminall lettrez, with executioun of ony personis at the horne, beis returnit to thame, to deliver the names denuncit with a breive note of the caus to the thesaurair or his clerk of register, that lettres for uptaking of the escheatis of the personis denuncit may be direct and execute with all expeditioun as the saidis thesaurair and justice clerk will answer to his hienes upoun thair dewtie and diligence, that in justice courtis or justice airis the haill assyis summond being callit out and the absentis unlawit, the extract of the act of the unlawes be deliverit to the thesaurair or his clerk within sex dayis thaireftir, that lettrez may be direct thairupoun for uptaking of the saidis unlawes without compositioun to be maid thairfoir, and lykwayes, quhen evir ony personis that hes fund souirtie to underly the law comperis not at the day appointit and thairthrow ar decernit to be denuncit rebellis as fugitive fra the law, the justice clerk or his depuittis sall deliver the act of adjornall thairupoun, with the precept to denunce the personis sa decernit fugitive be oppin proclamatioun at the mercat croce of Edinburgh within sex dayis efter thai be decernit. Quhilk denunceatioun, oure soverane lord with his estaitis, declaris and admittis to be as lauchfull for intrometting with the escheatis as gif the samyn wer maid at the mercat croces of the heid burrowis of the schyres quhair the saidis rebellis duellis, bot the said horning sall nocht serve to put the inhabitantis of the saidis schyres in mala fide toward the resett, supplie and intercommoning with the saidis rebellis denuncit quhill the said denunciatioun of horning be usit at the mercat croces of the heid burrowis of the schires quhair the personis rebellis thame selffis duellis, and that the lordis of counsaill and sessioun grant na lettrez of suspensioun upoun ony panis and unlawes of liquidat sowmes chargit for be the thesaurair without consignatioun or guid souirtie in the in pairtis of the realme, that lyoun king of armes, within fiftene dayis efter the publicatioun of the actis of this present parliament, deliver to the thesaurair or his clerk the names of the officiaris standing admittit, with the names of thair cautionaris, as alsua the names and cautionaris of the deprived officiaris in tyme cuming, that all exemptionis and licencis fra raidis and assyis or for transporting of forbodin guidis (gif ony salhappin to be grantit) salbe subscryvit be the thesaurair for compositioun to his hienes use, and to be registrat in the thesaurareis registar to the effect he may be chargit thairwith in tyme cuming in his comptis, and that na sic licences be warrand in jugement or to the signet or privie seill wantand the subscriptioun of the said thesaurair; and forsamekle as the care and charge of the ressaving and making compt of the monkis portionis, first fruittis and fift pennie of benefices is committit to the charge and diligence of his hienes thesaurair, thairfoir ordanis and commandis the said thesaurair to mak a perfite rentall of the saidis monkis portionis, first fruittis and fyft pennies, and to charge and discharge him thairwith in his comptis; and that he may be the better acquantit thairwith, ordanis all signatures of giftes and provisionis to be past upoun ony pairt of the same to pas his hienes thesaurauris registrar and be subscryvit be the kepair thairof befoir it be sufficient warrand to the seillis. Oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis in parliament, dischargis all commissionis of justiciarie grantit be his hienes of befoir and nane to be grantit in tyme cuming generallie or for langer space nor the erand in hand may be convenientlie perfytit, and that on cautioun to produce the proces and pay that pairt of the commoditie quhilk be the commissioun is destinat for the kingis use.

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