Procedure: commission
Commissioun for reparatioun of hospitallis

Oure soverane lord, with avise and consent of the estaitis of this present parliament, ratifies and apprevis the xvij act of the parliament haldin and begun at Edinburgh, the xxiiij day of October, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxj yeiris, intitulat 'Commissioun for reformatioun of the hospitallis, masondewis, almousis hous and beid hous, and reduceing thame to thair first institutioun etc.'; and becaus the grytest pairt of the noble men and utheris officiaris of estait to quhome the said commissioun wes directit ar depairtit this lyff, ordanis thair rowmes to be suppliet be the personis efter following, thay ar to say: Johnne, lord Thirlestane, chancellar, Schir Robert Melvill of Murdocarny, knicht, thesaurair, Schir Richard Cokburne, younger, of Clerkingtoun, secrettar, Mark, lord of Newbotle, maister of requestes, Alexander, commendater of Culros, Maister David McGill of Cranston Riddell, his hienes advocat, Alexander Hay of Eister Kennet, clerk of register, and William Litill, provest of Edinburgh, gevand, grantand and committand to thame, or ony thrie of thame, conjunctlie the lyk power and commissioun to convene thame selffis, to the effect and in maner specifiet in the said former act of the dait abone writtin in all pointis.

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