Commissioun to traite on the conformitie of prices of all victuallis and merchandice

The kingis majestie, with avise of the thrie estaitis and haill bodie of this present parliament, gevis and grantis full powar and commissioun to the reverent and venerable fatheris, be rycht, style and utheris efter specefiit, Adame, bischop of Orknay, Robert, commendatar of Deir, Maistir Thomas Lyoun of Balduky, maistir of Glammis, thesaurer, Maistir David McGill of Nisbet, his hienes advocat, Henry Nisbet and Johne Johnestoun of Elphingstoun, burgesses of Edinburgh, or ony fyve, foure or thre of thame, to convene, confer, conclude and aggrie upon the conformitie of prices of all maner of viveris and guidis sauld within this cuntrie and of all maner of merchandice brocht to his majestie and lordis of his previe counsale betuix and the first day of November nixtocum; and that letteris be direct to chairge thame heirto, gif neid be, in forme as efferis.

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