Ratificatioun to the burgh of Brint Iland

Oure soverane lord, understanding that the creatioun and erectioun of the port and town of Brint Iland in ane frie burgh regall is not onlie very commodious and convenient for the policie and decoirment of this realme, bot also is and hes bene maist proffitable, alsweill to his hienes subjectis as to uther strangearis for suir harbrie and saulftie of thair schippis, veschellis and guidis reparing to the same; as also considering that his hienes in the lait charter of confirmatioun and erectioun of the said burgh hes, in the word of ane prince, faithfullie promittit to ratifie and appreve the erectioun and creatioun of the said burgh and port be ane speciall act of parliament efter his perfyte aige, heirfoir, with advise of the thre estaittis and haill body of this present parliament, his hienes, now in his perfite aige, for him, his airis and successouris, be thir presentis, ratifies, apprevis and confermis the lettres of dimissioun, resignatioun and owergeving maid be umquhile George, archiedene principall of Sanctandrois and commendatair perpetuall of the abbay of Dunfermling and convent thairof, in favouris of his hienes derrest guidschir, King James the Fyft of maist noble memorie, his airis and successouris, of all and haill the said port and heaven of Brintyland (callit the Port of Grace) and of the stane hous, toure and fortalice, sumtymes callit the Abbotishall, with the landis nixt adiacent thairto, quhairupoun the said toun is biggit, as the saidis lettres at lenth beiris. Item, the charter, infeftment, precept and instrument of seising grantit be the said King James the Fift of the said burgh to the provest, baillies, burgesis and inhabitantis thairof, erectand, makand and constituand the samin ane frie port and burgh regall with all privilegeis, fredomes and liberties of ane frie burgh, togidder with the lait act of parliament maid with advise of the thre estaittis thairupoun at Linlythgw, the [...] day of December anno etc. lxxxv yeiris, and the ordinance contenit in oure said act anent the ressaving and admitting of the commissioneris of the said burgh in all parliamentis, conventionis, counsallis and assemblies quhair burrowis hes voit, alsfrelie as the commissioneris of ony uther burgh within this realme, with all thingis that hes followit thairupoun; and in speciall, with avise foirsaid, ratifies and apprevis for his hienes and his foirsaidis the said lait and new charter of confirmatioun, dispositioun and erectioun laitlie grantit be oure said soverane lord, with avyse of the lordis of his hienes secreit counsall, to the provest, baillies, counsall and communitie of the said burgh and thair successouris heretable of all and haill the samin burgh and port, landis, tenementis, burrow ruidis and communities thairof, and thair haill liberties and pertinentis, with all boundis, methis and fredomes, claussis, circumstances and articles contenit thairintill, as the said charter beiris; togidder with the lettres of ratificatioun and approbatioun of the haill premisis maid be Patrik, maistir of Gray, than commendatair of the said abbay of Dumfermling and convent thairof, for thame and thair successouris, with the renunciatioun and discharge contenit in the samin lettres of all actioun, rycht, title or clame quhilk thai or thair successouris had, or may haif, aganis the said port or burgh, or onie pairt thairof, in favouris of the saidis provest, baillies, counsall and communitie and thair successouris, and all utheris pointis and claussis contenit in the samin lettres registrat in his hienes buikis of [...] beiris; and ordanis the same to be effectuall in all tymes cuming, and als with advise foirsaid, ordanis the burgesis and fremen of the said burgh admittit and to be admittit, to be usit acceptit and handlit in all partis and places of this realme siclyk and als frelie in all respectis, privilegeis and liberties as the burgesis and fre men of ony uther burgh within this realme.

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