Procedure: commission
Commissioun in favour of the citie of Glasgow

Anent the supplicatioun presentit and gevin in to oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament be the fremen and utheris induellaris of the citee of Glasgw abone the Gray Freir Wynde thairof, makand mentioun that quhair that part of the said citie that afoir the reformatioun of the religioun wes intertenyt and uphaldin be the resort of the bischop, parsonis, vicaris and utheris of clergie for the tyme, is now becum ruinous and for the maist pairt altogidder decayit and the heritouris and possessouris thairof greitly depauperit, wanting the moyane not onlie to uphald the samin, bot of the intertenement of thame selfis, thair wyffis, bairnis and famelie; howbeit gif the commoun weill of the said citee wer respectit and ane equality usit be the magistratis and utheris to quhome sic thingis properlie appertenis, the present necessitie mycht easilie be supportit be ressoun it is of veritie that thair is ane grite confusioun and multitude of mercattis togidder in ane place about the croce of the said cietie, quhilkis being devidit and sparpalit and sum of thame appointit to be haldin in sum competent rowmes amangis thame wald gritelie help thame and nawyse hurt the remanent inhabitantis of the said cietie, quhairof as thai ar ane pairt of the bodie and memberis subject to the payment of taxt, stent, watcheing, warding and all uther precable charges, evin sa all the commodities of the said cietie suld be commoun to thame all; and seing that part of the said cietie abone the said Gray Freir Wynde is the onlie ornament and decoratioun thairof be ressone of the grite and sumptuous buildingis of grite antiquitie, varie proper and meit for the ressait of his hienes and nobilitie at sic tymes as thai sall repair thairto, and thair it wer to be lamentit to sie sic gorgeous policie to decay that utherwyse mycht be sustenit without hurt of his hienes subjectis, and thairfoir desirand his majestie and lordis, be act of parliament, to gif full power and comissioun, expresis bidding and charge to Robert, lord Boyd, Walter, priour of Blantyre, the provest and baillies of the said cietie of Glasgw and sic utheris as thai thocht guid to convene and tak ordour for releif of the said present necessitie, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said supplicatioun. Quhilk being hard, sene and considerit be oure said soverane lord and estaittis in parliament, and thai thairwith being ryiplie advisit, his majestie, with advise and consent of the three estaittis of this present parliament, hes gevin and grantit, lyk as thai, be the tennour heirof, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to the said Robert, lord Boide, Walter, priour of Blantyre and to the equall half of the counsall of the said cietie of Glasgw conjunclie, providing the provest and baillies thairof be of that nowmer, to convene and tak ordour as thai sall think maist expedient for releif of the decay and necessitie of that part of Glasgw abone the Gray Freir Wynde thairof, ather be appointting of the mercate of salt quhilk cumis in at the Over Port, or the beir and malt mercat upoun the Wynd Heid of the said cietie, or sic uther pairt thairabout quhair the saidis commissioneris or the maist part of thame sall think maist meit and expedient; and decernis and declairis the ordour to be tane be thame thairanent to stand and have full effect in all tyme thaireftir, commanding the inhabitantis of the said cietie to submit thame selffis to the ordinance and determination to be maid be the saidis commissioneris thairintill, without stope, truble or impediment as thai will anser to his hienes upoun thair obedience; and ordanis lettres to be direct to the effect foirsaid, gif neid beis, in forme as effeiris, and als to command and chairge the foirsaidis commissioneris to accept the said mater in and upone thame and to tak ordour and determine anent the premisis as thai will anser to God and oure soverane lord thairupoun.

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