Act in favour of James Stewart, sone to the umquhill Erle of Buchane

Oure soverane lord, now efter his lauchfull and perfite aige of xxj yeiris compleit, with advise of the thre estaittis convenit in this present parliament, ratifies, apprevis and confermis the lettres of gift and pensioun maid be his majestie to James Stewart and Christiane Strang, his spous, during thair lyftymes, of sevin chalderis aittis assiginit to be payit out of the reddiest of the superplus of the bischoprik of Sanctandrois, in all and sindrie pointis, claussis and articles thairof, decerning and declairing be thair presentis that thai sall bruik, joise, possess and uptak the said pensioun yeirlie in tyme cuming during the space foirsaid siclyk and als frelie as thai usit in ony tyme bigane preceding the dait heirof, notwithstanding ony his majesties revocationis bipast or presentlie maid be his hienes in this present parliament, quhilk gift his majestie willis and declairis sall nawayes be comprehendit thairin, bot specialie exceptit and reservit furth of the samin; lyk as his majestie exceptis and reservis the said gift furth of the same revocatioun, declairing this present exceptioun to be als sufficient as gif it wer speciallie insert and ingrossit thairin; providing alwayes that this present ratificatioun sall nawyse be prejudiciall to the tak alreddie maid be his hienes to Jhone and James Meldrumis, sonnis lauchfull to James Meldrum of Sagy, younger, of certane victuallis of the superplusis of the archiebischoprik of Sanctandrois, bischoprik of Dunkeld and priorie of Hadingtoun specially contenit in the same tak, quhilk his hienes, with advise of his estaittis, ordanis to haif full force and effect during the yeiris thairof, quhairunto this present ratificatioun nor his hienes revocatioun sall make na derogatioun.

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