Act concerning the airis of Monywaird

Anent the supplicatioun presentit to the kingis majestie and lordis of articles of this present parliament be Jeane Toscheoch and [...] Toscheoch, lauchfull dochteris and appeirand airis to Edwart Toscheoch of Monywaird, and Johne Campbell of Laweis, thair guidschir, for his interess, makand mentioun that quhair thair wes mariage lang tyme bipast contractit and solempnizat betuix the said Edwart Toscheoch and Merjorie Campbell, dochter to the said Johnne Campbell, thair moder, of the quhilk mariage the saidis complenaris ar procreat and thairby nerrest to succeid to thair faderis haill landis and leving, failyeing of airis maill gottin of his bodie; quhilk being weill knawin and understand to the said Edward, nevirtheles, be instigatioun of certane thair unfreindis hes bene movit in his hienes minoritie to mak ane charter of tailyie of his haill landis and leving, namelie, of Monywaird, Mekvene, the frie forrest of Glentorrett and certane utheris mair at lenth specefiit in the said charter of tailyie, and that in favouris of Duncane Toscheoch, barroun of Pittinyie, and certane uther personis in quhais favour the said tailyie is maid, quhairupoun he hes obtenit in his grace minoritie confirmatioun, and for his better securitie intends now, efter his graceis majoritie, to obtene the samin ratifiet ather in his parliament or heirefter, knawing perfitely that the samin confirmatioun fallis directlie under revocatioun as being ane confirmatioun of ane tailyie maid in prejudice of the airis famell interponit in his graceis minoritie, to the hurte of his hienes conscience; quhairthrow necessar it is that provisioun be maid in the said complenaris favouris that as the said confirmatioun fallis directlie under his graceis revocatioun, in lykmaner speciale ordinance be maid that na new confirmation salbe grantit heirefter, that his graceis thesaurair and thair deputtis be simpliciter dischargeit thairof, and incais ony salbe grantit, that the samin salbe decernit and declairit, now as than, to be null and of nane avail, and thairfoir desirand his hienes and lordis of articles to haif consideratioun of the premisis, and, in respect, that the saidis complenaris mycht have speciale act and ordinance maid in thair favouris dischargeing the thesaurair and his deputtis, the keiparis of his grite and privie seillis fra all passing of ony confirmatioun purchest or to be purchest of the said charter tailyie heireftir, as thei will anser to his grace upoun thair dewetie and obedience, and gif ony salhappin to be purchest, decerning and declairing the samin to be null and of nane availl, with all that hes followit or may follow thairupoun, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said supplicatioun. Quhilk being sene and considerit be oure said soverane lord and lordis of articles, thay have remittit and remittis the decisioun and anser to be gevin to the said supplicatioun to the lordis of counsall and sessioun, efter that the pairtie be lauchfullie wairnit thairto, as effeiris, and his defensis had thairupoun, and ordanis thame to proceid and do justice thairintill to baith the saidis pairties as thai will anser to his hienes; and in the meantyme dischargis his graceis thesaurair and his deputtis, the keiperis of the grite and privie seillis of all passing of ony confirmatioun purchest or to be purchest of the said charter tailyie quhill the end and decisioun of the foirsaid pley be the saidis lordis of sessioun.

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