Protestatioun of Maistir James Elphinstoun of Innernauchty for the Lord Elphinstoun, his fader

The quhilk day, in presence of oure soverane lord and his thre estaittis of parliament, comperit persounallie Maistir James Elphinstoun of Innernauchtie, in name and behalff of Robert, lord Elphinstoun, his fader, and protestit solempnitlie that the act of parliament past this present day in favour of Johnne, erle of Mar, lord Erskin, anent the erldome of Mar and lordschip and regalitie of Gareauch, suld be na hurte nor prejudice to the said Lord Elphinstoun anent his richt and title of the landis and lordschip of Kildrumie, and that he micht be hard to propone his ressonis and defensis quhensaevir he or his successouris suld happin to be callit upoun thair richt of the foirsaidis landis and lordschip or ony pairt thairof; and thairupoun askit actis and instrumentis.

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  2. 'P.O.' written in margin. Back