Protestatioun for the Lord Boyd

The quhilk day, in presence of the kingis majestie and thrie estaittis of this present parliament, compeirit personally Robert, lord Boyd, for him selff and thir personis underwrittin: thay ar to say, Thomas, Maistir of Boyd, Robert Boyd of Badinhauch, James Boyd of Kippis, George Elphingstoun of Blythiswod, Hew Craufurd of Clobarhill and Alexander Boyd, bruther germane to Adame Boyd of Pinkill, and the said Lord Boyd, for him selff and in name of all the speciale personis abonespecefiit, protestit that the benefite of pacificatioun and restitutioun grantit to James Betoun, archebischope of Glasgw onnawyse hurt nor prejuge the said lord and foirsaidis anent quhatsumever richt, title, tak, rentale or few grantit to thame, or ony of thame, be umquhile James Boyd, archibischop of Glasgw for the tyme, or ony uther, his predicessouris, in ony sorte, bot that thair saidis richtis may stand in full effect in tyme cuming, notwithstanding the constitutioun foirsaid; and thairupoun the said Lord Boyd, for him selff and remanent personis abonewrittin, askit actis and instrumentis.

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