For the help and augmentatioun of the kingis majesties rentis in his thesaurarie and casualities

Oure soverane lord, with avise and consent of the thrie estaitis of this present parliament, hes statute and ordanit that the thesaurair sall not exceid tuentie thowsand pundis in a yeir in his discharge, with certificatioun gif he do, na supersedrie wilbe grantit for superexpensis in tyme cuming.

Item, that his majesties casualities sall not be gevin away in gryte, as of the casualities of ane haill cuntrie togidder, or the confirmatioun of the haill fewis of ony prelacie or of ony speciale crymes.

Item, it is statute and ordanit be our said soverane lord, with avise and consent foirsaid, that all pecuniall panes of offendouris salbe takin up in gold and silver at the availl of the money quhen the actis wer maid or ellis augmentit in the money now current, and the samin regaird to be had in making of compositionis, takand the ground and example fra the last yeir of the regnne of King James the Fift.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that na remissionis nor respettis salbe grantit for the space of fyve yeir nixtocum for birning of housis or cornis, revesing of wemen, incest, slauchter, murther committit on foirthocht fellony, manifest falsett, hoching of oxin or horse or breking of plewis; and incais ony sic remissionis or respettis be obtenit thairupoun within the said space at his hienes handes, ordanis the justice criminall, his deputtis and all utheris juges within this realme to proceid and do justice notwithstanding the foirsaidis remissionis or respettis, siclyk as gif the samyn had never bene grantit nor producit.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that incais ony shireff clerk within this realme refuis at ony tyme heirefter to receave and register ony lettres of horning presentit to thame be quhatsumever pairtiis to that effect, or gif the samine be not dewlie registrat efter he haif writtin 'extractum and registrat' on the bak thairof, and incais he send not yeirlie to the thesaurair or his deputtis ane perfite inventair of the haill horningis registrat ilk yeir in thair buikis, or incais ony uther thing beis done be the said schiref clerkis undewtifullie, that than and in thay particuler caisis abonewrittin, the samin being lauchfullie tryit, ilk schiref clerk sall tyne all his movables to be escheitit and applyit to his hienes use, and the principall schireff toties quoties salbe compellit to pay ane hundreth pundis to his hienes by the damnage and interesse of the pairtie skaithit thairthrow, and to haif his releif of the said schiref clerk in that behalf.

Item, for the better and mair suir serving of the king be officiaris of armes, it is statute and ordanit that nane be retenit or heirefter admittit to that service bot he that with his utheris injunctionis sall find souirtie to be alwayes furnesit with a sufficient reddy horse quhairupoun to serve his hienes and liegis, and that his souirtie salbe anserable for the damnage and interesse of his falsett, sleuth and informall doing in his hienes service or uther pairties, gif ony salhappin, and that the wage of ane officiar of armes on the day salbe ane merk money symmer and winter ourheid.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that na releiffis be componit for in tyme cuming, bot the trew and full availl thairof to be maid compt and payment of in the chekker; and incais schireffis, stewartis and baillies mak not thair comptis at the ordiner tyme of chekker (besyde the ordiner executioun to pas aganis thame thairfoir) that upon the sicht of the buik of responde, lettres be direct to charge the personis to quhome preceptis of seising hes bene grantit, or the schiref and his deputtis, at the option of the thesaurair, or baith to pay the sowmes contenit in the respondeis or to poynd the schiref or the pairtie, gif the pairtie haif not the schireffs discharge thairof to schaw and produce.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that all schireffis in tyme cuming mak compt to the chekker of quhatsumever escheitis uptakin and intromettitwith be thame within thair jurisdictionis, and that ilk schiref charge him selff specialie with the same escheitis in ilk chekker yeirlie.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that all speciale commissionis of justiciarie be maid be signatouris to pas the quarter seill in tyme cuming, to the effect that respondeis may be maid thairupoun efter the auncient and lovable fassoun; and that he quha obtenis ane commissioun find souirtie at the chancellarie that he sall, within fourtie dayes thairefter, report a testimonie of his diligence, under the pane of fourtie pundis; and that alwayes na commissionis be grantit to proceid on slauchter bot the justice generall and his deputis to proceid thairupoun.

Item, that the thesaurair and advocat persew slauchteris and utheris crymes althocht the pairties be silent or wald utherwayes privelie aggree, and that in justice airis or particular diettis the haill assyissouris be callit for, and the absentis amerchiat, to move thame to mak the better obedience.

Item, that na allowance be gevin in the thesauraris comptis in tyme cuming periculo computantis, bot quhair acquittances ar presentlie schawin and produceit.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that inferiour comptis that sould preceid the thesauraris comptis and mon enter in it be first hard.

Item, it is statute and ordanis be the kingis majesties speciall will and directioun that na precept far continewatioun of ony justice court be admittit be the justice or his deputtis in tyme cuming.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that na ratificatioun be past in parliament upon simple articles of privat pairties, bot the mater desirit to be ratifiet to be first past be infeftment upoun compositioun payit to the thesaurair befoir ony sic mater be confermit in parliament; and the samyn onnawyis to be past or grantit except thai be presentit be the said thesaurair or his deputtis to that effect.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that all schireffis within this realme gif in yeirlie at the first doun sitting of the sessioun to the lordis of sessioun the names of thair deputis and clerkis that thai think to use for that yeir, viz., the first day of November ilk yeir; and siclyk ordanis lettres to be direct chargeing ilk schiref, under the pane of rebellioun, with certificatioun etc., to find cautioun, burgesis induellaris within Edinburgh actit in the buikis of counsall that thai sall yeirlie mak thair comptis in the chekker and pay all thingis restand awand to the kingis majestie be vertew of thair office.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.101r-102r. Back
  2. Each of the following sections in this act are numbered in APS, but not in the manuscript. Each section has 'V.' written next to it in the margin, except the first item, regarding the treasurer, and the fourth item, regarding remissions, which have 'P.' next to them. The third item, regarding pecuniary pains, has no marginal letter. Back