Act of certane materis remittit to the chekker

Oure soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estaitis assemblit in this present parliament, hes remittit and remittis the articles and supplicationis underspecefiit to the consideratioun, advise and directioun of the lordis auditouris of his hienes chekker, now present and that salhappin to be for the tyme, and decernis and declairis that quhatever the saidis lordis auditouris sall think expedient and ordane to be done anent the same articles and supplicationis, the same salhave lyk effect, force and executioun as gif the samyn wer done, statute and ordanit in this present parliament: thay ar to say, toward the reparatioun and intertenyment of oure soverane lordis castellis, palaces and houses and how the repairing and intertening thairof may be put in executioun in tyme cuming. Item, to considder quhat costlie, superfluus and unnecessar merchandice ar commounlie brocht within this realme and quhat proffittable wairis and commodities ar caryed furth of the same that aucht and suld pay custume to oure soverane lord, and to sett and appoynt quhat custume sould be payit thairfoir, having respect to the increase of the derth. Item, to consult and tak ordour anent executioun of the actis maid of befoir aganis transporting of forbodin and uncustumat guidis, for mantening of the peceable and quiet tred of fischeing in the lochis and ilis upoun the north and west coistis of this realme, for resisting of the continewall wrakkis and heirschippis sustenit be his hienes subjectis throw the invasioun of pirattis, and for the releif and satisfactioun of Robert Abircrumby, burges of Edinburgh, his hienes saidlair, off the sowmes and causes contenit in his supplicatioun.

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