Anent oure soverane lordis chekker

Oure soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estaitis convenit in this present parliament, for the greittare certanetie of his hienes chekker and gude ordour to be kepit thairin, quhairthrow gude rakning and compt may be maid of his hienes rentis in dew tyme, statuitis and ordanis that his ordiner chekker salbegin yeirlie in tyme cuming upoun the first day of Julii and sall end upoun the last day of August, and that alsweill the personis quha salbe nominat and constitute auditouris of the chekker as all that aucht to mak compt thairin be dewlie wairnit be preceptis to compeir thairat, ilk persoun under the pane of xl lib.; and incais of thair absence at the dayes appoyntit, that thai be unlawit in the said sowme and lettres of horning or poynding to be directit aganis thame for pament thairof, and the comptrollair to charge him with the saidis unlawis in his comptis; and at all tyme fra the first day of the said chekker quhill the end thairof, that the comptairis that aucht to gif compt thairin, incais of ther dissobedience of the precept of the chekker, be chargeit of new at the mercat croce of Edinburgh, and incase of thair dissobedience of the same charge, to be denuncit rebellis and put to the horne at the same mercate croce of Edinburgh, quhillk denuciatioun his majestie decernis to be als sufficient as gif the samyn wer maid at the mercat croces of the heid burrowis of the schires quhair the personis duellis and registrat in the same schiref buikis thairof, and that the horning be registrat in the theris buikis or schireff buikis of Edinburgh; that thesaurair, comptrollair and collectour, be thame selffis or thair deputis and clerkis, be present during the haill tyme of the sitting of the chekker for sic thingis as may occur in ilk ane of thair offices, and that na thing be treatit of in this ordiner chekker bot onlie the handilling of the kingis majesties awin effairis; and for materis and actionis betuix pairtie and pairtie, ordanis the chekker to convene and sitt every Tuysday efter none during the sitting of the sessioun, or at uther tymes as it sall pleas the kingis majestie to appoint.

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