Act in favour of the laubouraris of the ground troublit be teynding

Item, oure soverane lord, with advise and consent of his thrie estaitis, ratifies and apprevis the act of parliament maid at Edinburgh in the yeir of God jM vC lxxix yeiris for releif of the laubouraris of the grund trublit for want of tymous teinding of thair coirnis, and ordanis the samyn to be observit and to be put to executioun in all pointis efter the forme and tennour thairof, with this additioun: that it salbe sufficient to all laubouraris and awneris of the cornis in tyme cuming to require teynding of the pairtie haveand the titill, tak or richt to the saidis teyndschaves oppinlie in the parroche kirk upoun tua severall Soundayis befoir none efter the scheiring of the saidis cornis, providing that thair be xiiij dayes interjectit fullelie betuix the day of the first requisitioun and befoir it salbe lauchfull to the awneris of the saidis cornis to teind the samin and leid the stok thairfra, in maner contenit in the said former act.

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