Act anent respettis and remissiones

The kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsell and esteatis presentlie convenit, undirstanding that thair is a grite nowmer of respettis and remissionis for slauchteris, fyre rasingis and utheris odious crymes, quhilkis hes bene purchest be wrang informatioun and inoportune sute of sum indiscreit and schameles personis be quhome his majesties promeis expressit in the act of parliament maid in the moneth of Maii, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxiiij yeiris, is na thing respectit, bot the same in all pointis abrogat and alterit, na les to his hienes grite regrate, dishonnour and slander then odious in Godis sycht and offensive to the estate of the commoun weill of this realme, for remeid quhairof, his majestie, with avise of his saidis nobilitie, counsall and esteatis, declairis all and sindrie respettis and remissiones for ony maner of slauchter, fyre rasingis or utheris odious crymes committit of auld or new, quhilkis hes bene past his majesties handis and seillis at ony tyme sen the making of the said act of parliament, or gif ony salhappin tobe grantit heireftir without assythment or satisfactioun of pairty and inspectioun had be his majesteis thesaurare or his depute of ane sufficient lettre of slanes to have bene and tobe past and purchest without his majesteis consent, knawlege and allowance, and, according to the effect and tennour of the said act of parliament, decernis and declairis the same respettis and remissionis, with all that hes followit or salhappin to follow thairupoun, to have bene fra the begynning and tobe in all tyme cuming null and of nane availl, force nor effect, and to mak na faith in jugement, nor outwith quhairevir thay salbe produceit; and ordanis the justice clark and thair deputtis to proceid and minister justice aganis all and quhatsumevir personis callit to undirly the law for ony of the saidis crymes at the particular diettis appointit and tobe appointit to that effect, nochtwithstanding of the saidis respettis and remissionis and without respect had thairto or to ony claus mentionat in the same as thay will ansuer to his majestie upoun the executioun of thair officeis. Be it alwayes understand that thir presentis dois nawayes extend to the annulling or prejugeing of the act of abolitioun [...]nis and benefite thairin contenit grantit to the noblemen and utheris quhilkis repairit [...]tie at Striveling in the moneth of November last bipast, bot onlie for [...] fyre rasingis and utheris crymes committit betuix particular personis upoun sett pur[...] foirthocht felony and not in the commoun actioun then in handis etc.

  1. NAS, PC1/12, f.66r. Four items of privy council business follow the previous act on taxation A1586/9/2 and this act. Back
  2. Gaps at the end of the act due to damage to manuscript. Back