Anent commissionaris of the schyres to be send to the parliament

Anent the article presentit to our soverane lord and thrie estaittis of this present parliament, makand mentioun how necessair it is that his hienes and thay be weill and trewlie informit of the neidis and causis pertening to his loving subjectis in all esteatis, specialie the commonis of the realme, and remembering of ane gude and lovable act maid be his hienes progenitour, King James the First of worthie memorie, being the hundreth and tuelf act maid in the tyme of his rignne, intitulat 'That small barronis and frehaldaris misteris not to cum to parliament', requiring that his majestie and his saidis esteatis wald ratifie the same act and ordane the same to have full effect and to be put in executioun in tyme cuming; and of new statutis and ordanis, for the mair full explanatioun of the same act and certane executioun thairof, that preceptis sould be directit furth of the chancellarie to ane barroun of ilk schyre for the first to convene the friehaldaris within the same schire for chesing of the commissioneris as thay ar contenit in the said act, quhilkis commissioneris, being anys chosin and send to parliament, the preceptis of chancellarie for convening of friehaldaris to the effect foirsaid to be directit to the last commissionaris of ilk schyre, quha sall caus cheis twa wisemen, being the kingis friehaldaris, resident induellaris of the schyre, of guid rent and weill estemit as commissioneris of the samyn, to have power and be authorizit, as the act proportis, under the commissioneris seill in place of the shereffis, and that all friehaldaris of the king under the degree of prelattis and lordis of parliament be warnit be opin proclamatioun to be present at the chesing of the saidis commissioneris, and nane to have voit in thair electioun bot sic as hes xl s. land in frie tennandrie haldin of the king and hes thair actuall duelling and residence within the same schire, lyke as at mair lenth is contenit in the said article; the esteatis presentlie convenit in this present parliament remittis the said mater to the will and gude consideratioun of oure said soverane lord, to do and ordane thairin as his hienes sall think maist requisite and expedient betuix this and his hienes nixt parliament; at quhilk tyme his hienes, with avise of his esteatis, will, Godwilling, tak ordour for the finall setling and establishing of that gude forme and ordour quhilk salbe thocht meit and convenient to stand in perpetuitie in this behalf without prejudice of the rycht or interesse of ony of his esteatis or utherwayis quhatsumevir; and Schir Johnne Maitland of Thirlistane, knicht, secretair to oure soverane lord, and William Douglas of Glenbervie, for thame selffis and in name and behalf of the rest of the barronis, tuke instrumentis of the foirsaid act and that the said mater wes referrit be the haill esteatis to the kingis majesteis self and that his hienes acceptit the same upoun him.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, f.69v. Back
  2. This is the second, titled, copy of the act, in a darker ink and different hand. There are some minor variations with the first version at 1585/12/93. This second version appears to have been the one used in APS. Back
  3. Eight blank folios follow. Back