Ratificatioun of ane pensioun to Johnne Auchinlek

The quhilk day, it is statuit and ordanit be our soverane lord and thrie estaitis of this present parliament that Johnne Auchinlek bruik and posses his pensioun of ane hundreth pundis money of this realme, quhilk he hes yeirlie furth of the twa pairt of fruictis of the bischoprik of Abirdene during his lyftyme, conforme to his gift thairof, and our soverane lordis confirmatioun past thairupoun, nochwithstanding the uther act of parliament maid in favouris of David, bischop of Abirdene, dischairging and annulling all pensionis gevin furth of the said bischoprik; and willis and ordanis that the said former act sall nawayis be extendit aganis the said Johnne, nor prejuge him anent the brouking of his said pensioun, siclyke as gif he had bene speciallie exceptit and reservit thairintill, restoring him to the samyn with all proffeittis and dewateis thairof, bygane and to cum during his lyftyme; and ordanis lettres to be directit heirupoun, gif neid beis, in forme as effeiris.

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  2. 'P.' written in margin. Back