Act in favour of the posteritie of William, erll of Gowrie

Oure soverane lord, with avise of the lordis of this present parliament, willis and ordanis that the same generall act of abolitioun and restitutioun be speciallie extendit in the haill headis, articlis and clausis of the samyn to umquhill William, erll of Gowrie, Dame Dorithie Stewart, countes of Gowrie, his spous, Johnne and James Ruthwenis, thair sonis, the haill remanent bairnis and posteritie, swa that notwithstanding quhatsumevir convictioun in justice courtis, dome or proces of forfaltour or uther proces quhatsumevir led or deducit aganis the said umquhill William, erll of Gowrie, the said Dame Dorithie, his spous, thair bairnis and posteritie, the said umquhill erll, be vertew of the said act, is fullelie restorit to his name, honour and fame and the said Dame Dorathie Stewart, his spous, till hir haill rowmes, possessiounis, landis and steadingis scho, in ony maner of wayis, had rycht to befoir the dome of forfaltour led aganis hir, and the said James and Johnne, thair sonis, and haill remanent their bairnis and posteritie maid frie to bruik and use quhatsumevir erledomes, lordschipis, landis, rentis, takis, officeis, digniteis, beneficis, giftis, dispositionis and utheris quhatsumevir the said umquhill Erll of Gowrie had the tyme of his deceis, or that they or ony of thame may in ony way succeid to, or utherwayis may fall or appertene to thame, or yit that the said James and Johnne and remanent thair bairnis and posteritie had rycht to in their awin personis befoir ony forfaltour led and deducit aganis thame, sua that at all tymes heireftir they may peceablie bruik and use the samyn according to the tennour of the said generall act in all pointis and haif the frie and fuill benefite thairof.

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