Act in favour of Maister William Leslie

Oure soverane lord and three estaitis of parliament, remembering the guid, trew and thankfull service done unto his hienes be his lovit familiar servitour Maister Williame Leslie, brother germane to Johnne Leslie of Balquhane, to his grite chairgis and expensis, in recompance oure said soverane lord gaif, grantit and disponit to the said Maistir William, his airis and assignais heretable all and haill the landis and annuelrentis quhilkis pertenit to the blakfreiris and quhite freiris sumtyme situat within the burgh of Abirdene, quhilk infeftment, be occassioun of the said Maistir Williamis absence in thair lait trublis, was revokit, and eftir the said revocatioun, the saidis and annuelrentis war disponit to the provest, baillies, counsall and communitie of the said burgh of Abirdene, and sua, be the said revocatioun, in respect of the new dispositioun maid of the saidis landis and annuelrentis as said is, thair remanit na thing to the proffeit and commoditie of his majestie, and yit the said Maistir Williame remanis thairby unrecompansit. Thairfoir our said soverane lord, with advise of his saidis thrie estaitis, be the tennour of thir presentis, revokis, retreatis, casis and annullis the forsaid infeftment, precept and instrument of sesing fallowing thairupoun, gevin and grantit to the saidis provest, bailleis, counsell and communitie of the forsaidis landis and annuelrentis with all utheris infeftmentis and dispositionis following thaireftir, gif ony be, and ordanis ane new infeftment thairof to be maid to the said Maistir William, his airis and assignais heretable, for payment to oure soverane lord and his successouris of the sowme of fourtie pundis yeirlie at twa usuall termis, Witsounday and Martimes in winter, be equall portiones, to be bestowit and imployit to the puir of the hospitall of the said burgh of Abirdene as his hienes and successouris sall appoint and think expedient.

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