Rehabilitatioun grantit to the bairnis naturall of umquhile James, sumtyme erll of Mortoun

Oure soverane lord, understanding that be his hienes act and ordinance maid in the moneth of December, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir twa yeiris, restorit James, Archibald, George and William Douglass, sones naturall to umquhill James, sumtyme erll of Mortoun, to thair haill landis, levingis, touris, offices, benefices, takis, teindis, possessionis, honouris, pensionis, digniteis and utheris commoditeis quhatsumevir amittit and tane away fra thame, ather be actis of parliament tuitching the disheridatioun of the posteritie, alsweill lauchfull as naturall of the said James, sumtyme erll of Mortoun, and annulling and cassing of the dispositionis, infeftmentis and alienatiounis maid be the said umquhill Erll of Mortoun sen the tyme of the committing of the cryme for the quhilk he was forfaltit, or ellis be the sentence and dome of forfaltour led aganis the said James and Archibald in the moneth of November, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir ane yeiris; in the quhilk restitutioun, oure said soverane lord alsua hes cassit and annullit all and quhatsumevir giftis, dispositionis and presentatiounis maid be his hienes of ony landis, lewingis, rentis, offices, bailliareis, teindis, takis, pensionis, benefices, honouris and digniteis pertening to the saidis personis, decerning the samyn null and of nane availl, as at mair lenth is contenit in the restitutioun and rehabilitatioun of the dait foirsaid, quhilk alswa oure said soverane lord promissit in verbo principis to ratifie in his hienes first parliament; and nevirtheles it is of veritie that pairtlie be the saidis twa actis of parliament and partlie be the said dome of forfaltour yit standing aganis the saidis James and Archibald thay have bene alluterlie secludit fra thair saidis haill levingis and utheris forsaidis and thair said restitutioun allanerlie ineffectuall, thairfoir, oure said soverane lord, considering the said act and his hienes promise abonewrittin, with avise and consent of the thrie estaitis of this present parliament, hes ratifeit and apprewit and, be the tennour heirof, ratefeis and apprevis the said restitutioun and reintegratioun of the saidis James, Archibald, George and William Douglass, sones naturall to the said umquhill erll, to thair haill landis, levingis, benefices, offices, baillereis, touris, takis, teindis, pensionis, honouris and digniteis quhatsumevir in all pointis, headis, articles and clausis contenit in the same, with the annulling of the haill dispositionis, alienatiounis, presentationis and giftis disponit be our said soverane lord of the samyn, and siclyk cassis and annullis all actis of parliament quhatsumevir concerning the saidis dispositionis, presentationis and giftis, with all uther actis of parliament, quhairby the saidis personis may be prejudgit, damnefit concerning the saidis landis, leving and utheris forsaidis, sa far as the saidis actis may be extendit to thair prejudice as said is; and als casis and annullis the saidis twa actis of parliament, the ane anent the disheridatioun of the posteritie of the said James, sumtyme erll of Mortoun, the uther anent the annulling of all dispositionis and infeftmentis maid be the said umquhill James, erll of Mortoun during his lyftyme sa far as concernis thame to him, and declairis the saidis four sonnis na wayis to be comprehendit under the said act, nor yit ony dispositioun maid be the said erll to thame to be subject thairto; and siclyke ordinis lettres to be directit for caussing of thame be anserit and obeyit of all pensiounis, rentis, takis, teindis and dewteis and for entering and restoring of thame to thair landis, levingis, touris, honouris, offices, bailliareis and digniteis pertening to thame of befoir aganis quhatsumevir peronis, intromettouris thairwith, and dewateis thairof, and that of this instant crope and yeir of God jM vC fourscoir fyve yeiris, conforme to oure said soverane lordis ordinance maid thairanentis, and siclyk to be bruikit and joisit be thame in all tymes cuming; providing alwayis that this act and ordinance ar na wayse prejudge Alexander Seytoun, commendatour of Pluscardin, anent his undoutit rycht to the priorie of Pluscardin, the quhilk or said soverane lord declaris and ordanis to stand in the awin strenth and effect, conforme to the generall actis of restauratioun in this present parliament, and to the actis of parliament grantit of befoir to the said Alexander in confirmatioun and ratificatioun of his first provisioun and decreit of reductioun, to the quhilkis this present benefite grantit to the said James Douglas and utheris foirsaidis sall na wayse dirogat nor prejuge, notwithstanding ony rycht obtenit or titill he mycht pretend to the said priorie, quhilkis the saidis estaitis declairis of new to be null and be the tennour heirof annullis, cassis and rescindis the samyn; reservand and acceptand to Matho Stewart of Mynto, his airis and assignais, the landis of Prior Lethame, pertening heretablie to David Orme, quhilkis war wodsett be him to umquhill James, erll of Mortoun and disponit be him to William Douglas, his sone naturall, be quhais forfaltour the samyn becumin in our soverane lordis handis was disponit to the said Laird of Mynto and quha hes annaleit the same to utheris swa that our soverane lord can not restor the said William Douglas to the saidis landis of Prior Lethame; and ordanis lettres of publicatioun to be directit heirupoun, gif neid be, in forme as efferis.

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