The benefite of the pacificatioun grantit to the Lord Claude Hamiltoun and certane his freindis and servandis, with ane exceptioun of William Sinclair of [...]

Oure soverane lord, with advise of his thrie estaitis convenit in this present parliament, for wechtie and guid considerationis moving thame tending to the establisching of quietnes and universale obedience within this realme, thairwith considering and having tryit the constant affectioun and dewtifull obedience towardis his hienes of his weilbelovitt Lord Claude Hamiltoun, sone lauchfull to wmquhile James, duik of Chattelerault etc., have gevin, grantit and, be the tennour heirof, gevis and grantis to the said Claud Hamiltoun and his domestickis following, to wit, James Mureheid of Lauchope, Robert Hamiltoun of Dalserff, David Hamiltoun of Monketoun Manis, Andro Hamiltoun of Heleis, Jhonn Hamiltoun of Schawtoun and Robert Hamiltoun of Lethame, the lyke grace, benefite, favour, privilege and conditionis of pacificatioun as ar contenit in the articlis of pacificatioun maid and accordit upoun at the burgh of Perth, the xxiiij day of Februar, the yeir of God jM vC thrie scoir tuelff yeiris, ratefeit and apprevit thaireftir in his hienes parliament in the moneth of Aprile, the yeir of God jM vC lxxiij yeiris, concerning quhatsumevir crymes, offences and transgressionis committit or that may be estemat to be committit be the said Lord Claude Hamiltoun and utheris personis abone nominat upoun ony causis or occasionis mentionat in the saidis articlis of pacificatioun or utherwayis, within the tyme thairin specifiit or sensyn, for the quhilkis thay, or ony of thame, hes bene or may be accusit or foirfaltit or quhilkis ar comprehendit in onie domes or sentences of foirfaltor alreddie led aganis thame; and findis, decernis and declaris that the same pacificatioun and haill privilegeis, favour and conditionis foirsaidis be als largely and favorably interpret in favouris of the saidis personis for salftie and inoyning of thair lyves, landis, levingis, heretageis, benefices, honoris, possessionis and guidis as of ony utheris comprehendit in the said former pacificatioun and as gif the haill articles thairof wer expreslie inserrt heirintill; and ordanis this, oure said soverane lordis favour and pacificatioun, to be extendit and extendis the same to all crymes commitit be the said Claude and his foirsaidis, or that may be allegit to have bene commitit or assistit to or quhatsumevir art, pairt or consiling thairof, of quhatsumevir wecht thay be or may be interpreit to be of, sen the tyme of oure soverane lordis coronatioun to the dait of thir presentis, notwithstanding quhatsumevir exceptioun of ony cryme contenit in the articles of the said pacificatioune or ony of thame; and forder, findis and declairis that this present pacificatioun grantit to the said Lord Claude Hamiltoun and his foirsaidis sall not be ony derogatioun to the pacificatioun grantit to thame of befoir, bot to be ane ratificatioun, approbatioun and amplificatioun thairof. Off the quhilkis crymes oure said soverane lord, with advise foirsaid, willis and declaris that this present favour and pacificatioun to be ane sufficient and ample remit and securitie to the said Claud and his foirsaidis, for thair lyf, honouris, landis, benefices, offices, privilegeis, guidis and geir, as gif the samin wer speciallie to thame under oure soverane lordis greit seill or quhatsumevir forme of securitie. And for thair better securitie, oure said soverane, with advise abonewrittin, of his speciall grace and clemencie, rehabilitatis, restoris and reintegratis the said Lord Claude Hamiltoun and utheris abonenominat, thair bairnis and posteritie fullelie to thair guid fame, honouris and digniteis, and to the full richt, jossing and possessing of all and sindrie thair landis, benefices, levingis, offices, guidis, rowmes, rentis and possessionis, debtis, reversionis, obligationis and actionis quhairof thay, or ony of thame hes bene, or may be, deprivit or dispossessit by ony caus or occasioun afoirhersit preceiding the dait heirof, with power to thame and everie ane of thame and thair foirsaidis to reenter in and to the samin, bruik, jose, use and dispone thair landis, benefices and utheris foirsaidis with all richt clame and enteress, and alwayis in sic stait in all behalfis as thai war befoir the saidis proces, dome and foirfaltouris led and deducit aganis thame, siclike and als frelie as ony ether oure soverane lordis liegis and as gif na dome nor sentence of foirfaltour had bene led aganis thame anent the premisis, and as gif the crymes and offences thairin contenit and utheris above exprimit had nevir bene commitit nor assistit to; and declairis that thir presentis be als sufficient and of als greit strenth, force and effect in all tymes cuming in favouris of the saidis personis and thair foirsaidis to the effect above writtin as gif the domes and sentences of foirfaltour at ony tyme bigane led and deducit aganis thame, and speciallie the domes of foirfaltour aganis thame in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh in the monethe of [...] the yeir of God jM vC lxxix yeiris, wer specially reducit, rescindit, cassit and annullit in parliament, notwithstanding of the same domes and proceses of foirfaltour and of quhatsumevir actis of parliament, lawes, constitutionis, alsweill aganis the posteritie as the principall actis of secreit counsale or utheris gif onie be; anent the quhilkis oure said soverane lord, be advise abonewrittin, for his hienes and his successouris, dispensis, annulling heirby the same safar as may concerne or be extendit to thame or onie of thame, renunceand all actioun and enteres competent to thame thairanent, commanding and chargeing the lordis of secreit counsale and sessioun to giff and grant to the said Lord Claude Hamiltoun and utheris abonenominat siclike lettres and als sumarlie for repossessing of thame to thair landis, levingis, benefices and utheris aboneexprimit, as hes bene or may be grantit in favouris of mony utheris to quhome the benefite of pacificatioun abonerehersit hes heirtofoir bene grantit, or ony utheris oure soverane lordis liegis hes obtenit of his hienes in quhatsumevir forme or for quhatsumevir causis or considerationis; with powar also to the said Claude Hamiltoun and utheris afoirspecifiit to call and persew anent the premisis and all actionis, contractis, suittis of benefices, obligationis and quhatsumevir guidis and geir extant in the handis of tennentis or ony utheris debtouris or utherwyis not intromettit with be thame selffis or utheris in thair names, alsoft and in sic maner as thay or ony of thame sall think expedient. And forder, oure said soverane lord, with advise foirsaid, for the better securitie of the said Lord Claude and his foirsaidis, ratefeis, confermis and apprevis the haill premisis abonewrittin and everie point thairof, and decernis and declaris the samin to have full strenth, force and effect in all tyme; and ordanis lettres to be directit heirupoun in forme as effeiris.

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