Ane act anent feis of the seillis and chalmer and subscriptioun of the officiaris

Oure soverane lord, understanding of the grudge and complaint of divers his loving subjectis for allegit extorsioun usit on thame in taking of greittar feis seillis be the yschearis of his chalmer and for subscriptioun of his officiaris nor heirtofoir hes bene accustumat, howbeit the auncient lovable custome aucht not to be transgressit, thairfoir, be advise of his thre estaitis convenit in this present parliament, gevis full powar and commissioun to his hienes thesaurair, maistir yschear, secretair, comptrollar, keipar of the privie seill, thesaurair depute, clerkis of justiciarie, registri, advocat and directour of the chancellarie, or thrie of thame, to convene, inquire and try be suith of registeris and informatioun of personis maist auncient and of best knawlege quhat wes the auncient and is the present forme of payment for seill feis, chalmerlane feis and subscriptionis of his saidis officiaris, and to appoint sic ressonable feis and deweteis as suld be payit be his subjectis in tyme cuming, that thai, knawand the certantie, may do that quhilk becumis thame without grudge or murmor; and incaice thay be extorsit, may the better compleine and seik remeid of his hienes and his counsale, quhilk ordinance allowit be his majestie and publishit salhave the lyke force and effect as gif it war statute be his hienes and his haill estaitis in parliament, ay and quhill his nixt parliament and further quhill the samin be dischargeit or reformit be parliament.

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  2. 'P.O.' written in margin. Back