Ane act for the better executioun of oure soverane lordis lawis and actis of parliament

The kingis majestie, considering that thair is na greittair occasioun of wrangis and disorderis amongis his subjectis nor the misknawlege of his hienes lawes and actis of parliament and the negligent executioun of the panis thairof upoun sik as worthelie deservis the same, quhairfoir his hienes, with advise of his thre estaitis convenit in this present parliament, hes ratefeit and apprevit and, be the tennour heirof, for his hienes and his successouris, ratefeis, apprevis and perpetuallie confermis all and sindrie the lovable lawes and actis of parliament of this realme maid be his majestie and his maist noble progenitouris now standand in force, except sic as ar expresly derogat in this present parliament; and ordanis the same lawes and actis to be observit and to be put to full executioun in tyme cuming efter the forme and tennour of the same and under the panis contenit thairintill, chargeing all his hienes jugeis, officiaris and ministeris of the lawes and utheris quhatsumevir to quhome the executioun of the saidis and actis appertenis, that they faithfully and diligentlie put the same to dew executioun in tyme cuming, to the confort of all hienes guid and peceabill subjectis and punishment of the wicket; certefeing thame that salbe found remisse, negligent or corruptit in that behalf, thai salbe callit, persewit and punissit thairfoir with all rigour in example to utheris.

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