Pacificatioun grantit to Robert, bischope of Dunkeld

The kingis majestie, with advise of the thrie estaitis of this present parliament, for certane respectis and considerationis moveing thame, hes gevin and grantit and, be the tennour heirof, gevis and grantis to Robert, sumtyme bischop of Dunkeld, the elyke favour, privilege and benefite of pacificatioun as is contenit in the pacificatioun maid and accordit upoun at Perth upoun the xxiij day of Februar, the yeir of God jM vC thriescoir tuelf yeiris, ratefeit, apprevit and confermit in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh in the moneth of Aprill nixt thaireftir, and that the samyn pacificatioun and haill clausis thairof to be als lairglie and favorable extendit to the said Robert, bischope of Dunkeld and his airis as gif he war speciailie nominat and comprehendit thairin; thairfoir our said soverane lord, with advise of the saidis thrie estaitis, hes ratefeit and apprevit and, be the tennour heirof, ratefeis and apprevis the benefite of pacificatioun gevin and grantit to the said bischope in maner foirsaid, and willis and grantis the samyn to be als sufficient and haif the elyk strenth, force and effect in all thingis and to be als largelie and favorablie extendit to him for bruiking and possessing of the bischoprik of Dunkeld and utheris quhatsumevir his landis, rentis, possessionis, rowmes, housis, benefices, offices, lyverentis, honouris, privelegis and digneteis quhilkis he usit befoir quhatsumevir process of forfaltour led aganis him, for ony caus or occasioun bigane preciding the dait heirof, as gif he war speceallie nominat in the said pacificatioun and the haill clausis and articles thairof heirin expressit, and ordanis the lordis of counsell and sessioun to direct lettres at the said Robertis instance for repossessing him to the said bischoprik and utheris abonewrittin siclyke and in the same maner as utheris obteinaris of the elyk benefite hes gottin of befoir, and lettres of publicatioun to be direct heirupoun as effeiris, provyding alwayis that the granting of the said pacificatioun on nawayis extend to the odious murthuris of our soverane lordis darrest father and twa regentis; and siclyk willis and grantis that the samyn extend nocht in hurte and prejudice of ony few or tak quhilk Patrik Douglas of Kilspindy hes of the landis of Abirlady, with thair pertinentis, or of the landis of Crawmound and of the teindschevis of the manys of Crawmond and toun and landis of Abirlady, with thair pertinentis, or ony uther rowmes or possessionis quhilkis the said Patrik hes of the bischoprik of Dunkeld; and siclyk that the said pacificatioun on nawayis hurte nor prejuge Lodovik, duik of Levenox, his rycht, title and takis quhatsumevir quhilkis he hes to the teyndschevis of the parochin of Crawmound, thay alwayis payand to the said bischope the deweteis and mailles thairof usit and wount.

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