Ane act explanand the act of parliament maid of befoir anent subscriving and seling of wryittis of greit importance

The kingis majestie, with advise of the thrie estaitis of this present parliament, exponis and declaris that the act anent the seilling of wryittis of importance is nocht to be understand of sik wryittis, contractis or obligationis as ar be the parteis aggreit upon to be registrat in the buikis of oure soverane lordis consale or uther ordiner juges, seing the parteis consentis to registrat the same, quhilk is ane griter solempt act nor the seling thairof; and that the non seling of the same sall be non exceptioun aganis the validitie of the saidis wryittis, being subscrivit be the parteis and aggreit on to be registrat as said is, quhilkis his majestie and estaitis foirsaidis declaris to neid na seillis; nather that the said act anent the saidis wryittis to be subscrivit be twa notaris salbe extendit to instrumentis of sesing, quhairinto ane faythfull notar with ane ressonable number of honest and famous witneses is sufficient; and this declaretioun to be observit as ane law in all tyme cumming.

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