Act in favour of our soverane lordis thesaurare and his deputt, concerning factoriis of the landis and possessionis of the personis suspectit and delaitit of treasoun

Forsamekle as be ane act maid in the last parliament, it wes in consideratioun of the prejudice that micht have bene usit anent the escheitis of the personis than suspect or criminall of the treasounable conspiring and takking of the castell and toun of Striveling and utheris crymis of treasoun specifeit in the said act, in prejudice of our soverane lord, that the guddis and geir of all sik personis suld be arreistit, intromettit with and uptakin be our soverane lordis thesaurare, his deputt, factouris and doaris, with power to thame to dispone upoun sik guddis quhairof wer dangeir of keiping, sua that the prices thairof suld be furthcummand to the kingis majesties use, with the haill uther guddis as escheit of sic as suld be convict, and the guddis of utheris that salhappin to be intromettitwith and not to be convict to be furthcumand to the pairtie, as in the said act at mair lenth is contenit; and seing the said thesaurare hes grantit sindrie factoriis of the levingis and guddis of the foirsaidis personis suspect as said is, quhairwith sum of the factouris hes had sum intromissioun and that actioun peradventure may result heirefter and be persewit for spoilyie and wrangus intromissioun aganis the said thesaurare and his deputt, thair airis and executouris, be sindrie colorit meanis of previe assignationis or dispositionis allegeit maid of befoir to utheris, or that the personis suspect beis not persewit and declarit criminall, thairfoir, in consideratioun that quhatsumevir intromissioun hes bene takin or had be the said thesaurare, his deputt or factouris appointit be him in the premisis, the samyn wes onlie in oure soverane lordis name and that the samyn cummis to his hienes use, it is now found and declarit in this present parliament, be advise of the thrie estaitis thairoff, that the said thesaurare, his deputt and factouris maid be him ar and salbe frie and saiff of all guddis intromettit with be thame or ony of thame under pretext foirsaid, and that na maner of persoun nor personis hes or salhave ony actioun or instance aganis thame or ony of thame in jugement or outwith in ony tyme cuming, exonering and dischargeing thairof for evir; and als dischargeing all jugeis and ministeris of law quhatsumevir, alsweill the lordis of sessioun as utheris, of all proceding aganis the said thesaurare and his deputt, or ony of thame, thair airis, executouris, factouris and assignais in ony the saidis actionis may result in the premisis and of thair offices in that part for evir; and forder dischargeing all actioun may be intentit or persewit aganis the said thesaurare for ony his intromissioun had or to be had as donatour to the escheat of Maister Thomas Lyoun of Balduky, tutour to the Lord Glammis, with ony landis, meillis, fermis, canis, custumis and dewties of the leving thairoff; and exoneris the said thesaurare thairof for now and be thir presentis.

  1. NAS, PA2/13, ff.14v-15r. Back