Act of annexatioun of forfaltit landis and rentis to the croun

The kingis majestie and his thrie estaitis assemblit in this present parliament, considering the daly ineresce of the chargis and expensis of his hienes hous and diminutioun of his rentis of his majesties propertie quhairon his said hous aucht to be interteniit, hes thairfoir thocht convenient, statute and ordinit that the landis, lordschippis, baroneis and utheris rentis following, already fallin and becum in his hienes handis be vertew of the eschaet throw the process and domis of foirfaltour, ordourlie led and deducit aganis the personis found culpable of the lait maist treasounable rebellioun and conspiracie attemptit and interprisit aganis his hienes persoun and estate, salbe annexit unto his majesties croun, and presentlie annexis the same thairto, followand the guid exemple of his predecessouris for the honorable support of his estate; and the saidis landis, lordschippis, baroneis and utheris rentis heireftir specifeit to remane perpetuallie with the croun may nather be gevin away in fie, franctenement, in pensioun or ony uther dispositioun to ony persoun of quhat estate or degrie that evir thay be of, without advise, decreit or deliverance of the haill parliament, and for great reasounable cause concerning the weilfair of the realme first to be advisit and digestlie considerit be the haill estaitis, and that alwayis sic infeftmentis as sall happin to be maid or grantit be his hienes of ony of the saidis landis or lordshippis salbe onlie in fewferme, for pament of sic yeirlie fewferme as is contenit in the act of dissolutioun of the unioun of annexit landis for setting the same in fewferme maid in this present parliament; and albeit it salhappin our soverane lord that now is, or ony of his successouris, kingis of Scotland, to annalie or dispone the saidis lordshippis, landis, castellis, townis, donationis and advocatioun of kirkis and hospitallis, with the pertinentis, annexit to the croun as said is, utherwys that the same alienationis and dispositionis salbe of nane availl, bot it salbe lefull to his hienes and his successouris to ressave the same landis and rentis to thair awin use, quhenevir it lykis thame, without ony proces of law, and the takkaris to refound and pay all proffittis that thay have takin up thairoff agane to his hienes and successouris use for all the tyme that thay have had thame, with sic uther restrictionis as ar contenit in the actis of parliament maid be his maist noble progenitouris, kingis of Scotland, in their annexationis to the croun: thay ar to say, the propertie of the landis and barony of Ruthven, with the tour, fortalice, maner, place, corne and walk mylnis, fishingis, advocatioun, donatioun and richt of patronage of kirkis, tennentis, tenandreis thairoff, the landis of Balnabrayth, Petcairny, Cragingall in Dourquhy, Hardhaucht, the thrid part landis of Airliewicht, the landis of Cultrany, the landis of Drumgrene, the halff of the mylne of Ochtergavin, with the half multure and mylnlandis theiroff, the halff of all and haill the landis of Monydie, Barnblayis, Cragilny, with the halff milne, multuris and milnlandis thairoff, all and haill the halff of the landis and barronie of Forteviot, with the halff mylne, mylnlandis and multuris thairoff, the propertie of the landis and forrest of Dy, the propertie of the landis, lordshippis and baroneis of Bramar, Strathdy, Cromar, Balmakelly, Brechin and Nauar, Alloway, Coldinhuiff, Touchgornie, Auchlamskyis, Erskine, Dalnotteris, Inchynchnan, and Syntoun, Blakgrange, West Grange, Cambus, Cowy, Baddindeich, Poppiltreis, fyve chaldris quheit furth of Bothkennair, Jargrayis and Raplach and utheris fewlandis quhilkis pertenit sumtyme to Johnne, erll of Mar, the propertie of the landis of Eistir Ogill, Cossynnis and Newgrange, the propertie of the landis of Carnok and of the landis of Wellis, and als the fewmeillis of the landis of Dirltoun, Cousland and Kirknewtoun and utheris contenit in the infeftment maid to his grace richt trest cousing, James, erll of Arrane, lord Avane and Hammiltoun, his hienes chancellair, extending to vjC thriescoir sex pondis xiij s. iiij d.; the fewmeillis of the landis of Cowgask and Strabrawin, disponit to his hienes richt trest cusing, Johnne, erll of Montrois, lord Grahame, his hienes thesaurare, extending to tua hundreth fourtie poundis, the fewmeillis of Thomtalloun and utheris disponit to his hienes traist and welbelovit counsallour Williame, commendatair of Pettinweme, capitane of his majesties gairdis, extending to vjC iijXX xj lib. xiij s. iiij d.; the fewmeillis of the land of Boncle and Prestoun contenit in the infeftment maid to Sir Johne Maitland of Thirlstane, knycht, his hienes secretair extending to jC xxxiiij lib.; the fewmeillis of the landis and lordship of Abernethy, [...] the fewmeillis of the landis and lordship of Dowglas, twa hundreth poundis [...], the fewmeillis of the landis and lordship of Crawfurd Lyndsay, alias Crawfurd Douglas [...], the fewmeillis of the landis of Dunsyir [...], the fewmeillis of the landis of Carmichaell, Cornokhoip, Perkheid, Sandelandis, Walter Head, Thorrald, Pettenane and utheris quhilkis pertenit to George Dowglas, sumtyme of Perkheid, or James Dowglas, his sone, be the richt of his wyff [...], the fewmeillis of the landis and lordship of Jedburgh Forrest [...], the fewmeillis of the landis of Selkirk [...], the fewmeillis of the baronie of Kellie sett to Maistres Margaret, maistres of Saltoun, and hir airis [...], the fewmeillis of the landis of Ovir and Nethir Nesbittis, ane hundreth poundis, the fewmeillis of the baronie of Ellem, xxxvj lib., the fewmeillis of the landis of Balquhane and utheris disponit to George, erll of Huntlie [...], the fewmeillis of the landis off Monyey, attour the ordinair meillis of samekle thairoff as is of his hienes propertie, jC and xl lib. out of the rentis of the steidis of Catislak and Eister and Wester Monbirnegeris and Shintinleys, attour the auld ordinair fewmeill ane hundreth poundis, out of the landis of Cardross and utheris the fewlandis of Inchmahomo, [...], out of the landis of Sheirgartane, Drummis and Kippen and Arnbeg, attour the auld ordinair fewmeillis, xl lib., out of the landis of Spitteltoun, attour the auld ordinair fewmeillis, xx lib., out of the landis of Argateis, Lundeis and Reidnech, attour the auld ordiner fewmeill, jC xx lib., out of the rentis of the landis of Kintulloch, x lib., out of the rentis of the landis of the Hudeaikeris and Craig of Cambuskynneth, xl lib., the teyndis of the kirkis of Clakmannan, Lecrop and that part of Sanctninianis kirk, quhilk pertenit sumtyme to Johnne, erll of Mar, the teyndis of the perochin of Kilmoir and Kincraig, quhilkis lykwayis pertenit to him, the landis and leving quhatsumevir quhilkis pertenit to Dame Margaret Lyoun, countess of Cassillis, togidder with quhatsumevir teyndshevis of the haill landis abonewrittin annexit in propertie and appointit to his hienes use as said is, quhairof the proprietaris of the saidis landis had richt, titill or possessioun; and becaus thair is sindrie landis, teyndis and possessionis contenit in this present annexatioun haldin be the personis now foirfaltit of inferiour superiouris unto quhom his majesties selff can not be tennent nor taxman, thairfoir, with advise of the saidis thrie estaitis, ordinis his hienes comptrollair, present and to cum, to be present in heretable tennent to the saidis utheris superioris of the landis haldin of thame and to be maid donatour to the eschaet of the takkis, teyndis and possessionis abonewrittin or quhen tyme thir is to tak the takkis of the same, renewit in thair personis and thair successouris, his hienes comptrollaris, thay alwayis making compt, rekning and pament of thair intromissioun to his hienes use in the chekker, as of the remanent of his propertie; and forder, decernis and declaris that the compositioun of all tenandreis now fallin under the foirfaltour be the falt and occasioun of the superiouris sall cum to his majesties use and be intromettit with be his hienes thesaurare and his deputt and to nane uther use nor effect, except samony as ar already disponit to the said James, erll of Arrane.

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