Ratificatioun of the remissioun grantit to Robert Balfour

Oure soverane lord, with avise of the thrie estatis of this present parliament, hes ratefeit and apprevit and, be the tennour heirof, ratefeis and apprevis the act of parliament maid in the parliament haldin at Halieruidhous, the last day of Aprill, the yeir of God jM vC lxxiii yeiris, berand that our said soverane lord, with avise of his saidis thrie estatis, upoun wechtie and guid considerationis moving his hienes tending the furthering of peax and quietnes and universall obedience of his graces authoritie, decernit and declarit that Robert Balfour, son lawfull to Andro Balfour of Montquhanie, suld have, bruik and joy the like benefite, favour, privilege and conditionis as ar contenit in the pacificatioun maid and accordit upoun at the burgh of Perthe in the yeir of God jM vC lxxij yeris, ratefeit and apprevit in the samyn parliament, and that the said pacificatioun suld be als larglie and favorablie extendit and interpret in favouris of the said Robert for the securitie of his lyff, leving, honour and guddis as gif he had bene speciallie nominat and comprehendit thairin, or as gif the haill articles, clausis and conditionis thairof had bene expreslie specifeit in the said act of parliament as the samyn of the dait the xxiij day of Februar, jM vC lxxij yeris, mair fullelie contenis, in all the pointis, articles, clausis, and circumstanceis of the same. And als forsamekle as oure said soverane lord, of his speciall grace, have remittit and forgevin the said Robert all actioun and cryme quhairwith he micht be chargeit for being in cumpanie of thame quhilk chanceit to be at the slauchter of his hienes darrest guidschir, Matthew, erll of Lennox, lord Dernlie, regent to him, his realm and liegeis for the tyme in the moneth of September, the yeir of God jM vC lxxj yeris, for the quhilk procesis and dome of foirfalture wes led and gevin aganis the said Robert in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xx day of October, the yeir of God jM vC lxxix yeris, as in the proces and dome of foirfalture at mair lenth is contenit; in the quhilk parliament it was alsua statute and ordinit be oure said soverane lord, with avise off the thrie estatis thairof, that the bairnis, alsweill naturall as lawfull, suld bruik nor acclame ony heretageis, rowmis nor possessionis within this realme, howsoevir the samyn is or sall happin be acquirit to pertene to the saidis bairnis sen the committing of the said slauchter, as in the said act of parliament and lettres of remissioun of the dait the xxviij day off August, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxiij yeris at mair lenth is contenit; quhilkis lettres of remissioun, in all pointis and clausis thairof, our said soverane lord, with advise of the saidis thrie estatis be thir presentis, ratefeis and apprevis and hes restorit and rehabilitat, likas be thir presentis restoris and rehabilitatis the said Robert, his bairnis, airis and posteritie quhatsumevir aganis the said proces and dome of foirfalture and all that hes followit or may follow thairupoun, restoring and reponing the said Robert and thame to thair same honour, landis, rowmis, possessionis, pensionis and utheris commodities quhatsumevir quhilk the said Robert had or injoyit befoir the dait of the said foirfaltour, and that he, his saidis bairnis, airis, successoris and posteritie may, and salbe, in all tyme heirefter habill to obtene, conqueis, bruik and jois quhatsumevir landis, heratageis, takis, steddingis, rowmis, possessionis and utheris commodities within this realme, and to succeid to ony utheris, thair agnatis or cognatis, or everie ane of thame, to uther siclike and als frelie in all resspectis as ony uther our soverane lordis subjectis within this realme, notwithstanding the saidis proces of foirfaltour led aganis the said Robert and of the act abonespecifeit maid aganis his posteritie as said is, quhilkis, and all utheris actis and constitutionis generallie and speciallie tending to the contrare heirof, the kingis majestie, with avise of the saidis thrie estatis of this present parliament, of certane knawlege, upoun wechtie considerationis and his hienes propre motive, have dispensit and dispensis for ever, providing alwayis that thir presentis be not extendit to repone and restoir the said Robert to ony rycht he hes or may pretend to the provestrie of the Kirk of Feild, sumtyme situat within the libertie of the burgh of Edinburgh, fructis, dewteis and emolumentis thairof quhairsoevir the same ly of, ony termis bypast and to cum, but that the same remane and abyid perpetuallie heirefter with the provest, baillies, counsell and communitie of the said burgh of Edinburgh according to the donationis, richtis and titillis maid be oure said soverane lordis darrest mother and his hienes to thame thairof, secluding the said Robert thairfra and fra all proffitttis and dewties thairof bygane or to cum perpetuallie for ever.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.130v-131r. Back
  2. This suggests a date for a parliament apparently held in April 1573 to ratify the pacification of Perth, concluded that February. No record of this parliament survives. See J. Goodare, 'The Scottish parliamentary records, 1560-1603' in Historical Research, 72 (1999), p.262. Back