Ane act for suir assignatioun and pament of the levingis and stipendis appointit for the ministeris of Goddis word and eschewing of the abuse of diversitie of prices

Forsamekle as in our soverane lordis last parliament haldin and begun at Edinburgh, the xxiiij day of October, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxj yeiris, thair is a speciall act maid anent provisioun of ministeris and certane stipendis appointit for thame at all paroch kirkis and appointing of commissionaris for ordouring thairofm, quhilk act as yit hes tane litle executioun be occasioun of the trublis intervenit sen the making thairof, and now his majestie and thrie estatis, finding be guid pruif and experience the skaith and inconvenient, quhilk alsweill his hienes as the maist part of the ministrie sustenis thairby, they being yeirlie withdrawin fra thair kirkis to attend a large space upoun the getting of the assignationis of thair levingis and stipendis modefiit to thame, and his hienes being frustrat of the superplus of the thriddis of benefices dew unto him for the supplie of the necessare effairis of his estate; thairfoir, and for eschewing of the said abuse and inconvenient in tyme cumming, our soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estatis in this present parliament, grantis and gevis full power and commissioun to the lordis auditouris of his hienes chekker to convene how sone convenientlie they may efter the end of this present parliament, and to considre, appoint and ordour the estait of the kirkis and stipendis of ministeris within this realme and to sett and appoint certane indifferent and comoun prices als neir as may be to the feiris of the cuntreis, alsweill upoun all victuallis to be assignit to the saidis ministeris in thair levingis and stipendis as upoun that quhilk sall fall and apertene properlie to his hienes as superplus, quhairthrow the greit inequalitie now standing in the forme of the modificatioun of stipendis throw the diversitie of prices may be avoidit, and that the said superplus being certane, his hienes may knaw his apparent commoditie thairof in tyme cumming; and that the saids auditouris of his hienes chekker at thair guid discretioun and chois, considre, appoint and ordour the estatis of the saidis kirkis and stipendis, and sett and appoint the saidis prices of victuallis as the samyn sall stand of the onlie yeir and crop jM vC lxxxiiij yeiris instant, or for the same yeris and utheris yeiris to cum quhill forder ordour be tane be his hienes, with avise of his estatis in parliament.

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