Ane act for annulling certane alienationis, provisionis and dispositionis maid in prejudice of the kingis majesties eschaet

Forsamekle as albeit the maist odious and treasounable crymis of the restraint and captivitie of the kingis majesties maist noble persoun, committit at Ruthven upoun the xxiij day of August, the yeir of God 1582 yeiris, and prosecute at diversis uther places thairefter quhill his hienes, be Goddis providence, relevit him self of that thraldome upoun the xxvj day of Junii, the yeir of God 1583 yeris, hes bene gratiuslie pardonit and forgevin be his hienes to the authoris and committaris thairof, nevertheles the principallis of thame conspiring of new in the monethis off November, December, Januar, Februar, Marche and Aprill last bypast, maist treasounablie consultit, intercomonit, devisit and concludit upoun the surprysing and taking of his hienes persoun, to have him of new in their handis and power, to be usit aganis his awin mynd and guid liking at thair will and appetite, and upoun the slauchter and destructioun of diverse noble men and utheris, his hienes counsalouris and faythfull subjectis, to the greit perrell of his persoun and subversioun of his estate and authoritie; and efter syndrie secrete conspiraciis, geving and ressaving of lettres, messages and intelligences for advancement of their maist wikit and treasounable conjuratioun, at last assemblit thame selffis and their complices in armis at the burgh of Sterling in the moneth of Aprill last bypast, seasit and surprisit the same, tuik and maid prisoneris of the baillies and magistratis thairof, fortefeit the stepill, brig, portis and dyverse utheris placeis of the said burgh, and stuffit and furnisit the same with men of weir, asseagit his hienes castell of Striveling, constraning the few numer of personis being thairin unprovidit to render the same, threatining thame with danger of present deith, and taking, using and keping of thame as prisoners, stoppit and impedit his hienes herauldis and utheris officiaris of armis directit to have proclamit and execute his hienes letteris at the mercat croce of Striveling to use the samyn lettres and reft and tuik thame fra the saidis officiaris, making seditious proclamationis of thair awin at the said mercat croce, full of untrewthis and calumneis, and for uptaking of bandis of men of weir to serve thame in their seditious and maist treasounable rebellioun, and in the end, fleing furth of the realme, left the said castell of Striveling stuffit and garnisit with men, munitioun and victuallis aganis his hienes and his authoritie, manifesting be thair actionis thair indurit, obstinat and malicious continowance in thair former maist treasounable attemptat of the surprise, restraint and keping captive of his hienes maist noble persoun, contemning and disdaning his graceis pardone and favour shawin to thame; quhairfoir our soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estatis in this present parliament, decernis and declaris that all alienationis, resignationis, dimissionis and utheris dispositionis quhatsumevir maid or to be maid be ony persoun or personis convict or that heirefter sall happin ony wayis to be convict or foirfaltit for airt and pairt of the treasounable withaulding and taking of his majesties toun and burgh of Sterling and castell thairof aganis his hienes and his auctoritie, of quhatsumevir landis, heretageis, offices, rowmis, benefices, takis set, or to be set, to thame or thair wyffis, bairnis, brether, sisteris or ony uther personis quhatsumevir, be colorit meanis and titillis, in defraud of oure soverane lordis eschaet, sen the tyme of the said treasounable surprise, restraint and captivitie of his hienes maist noble persoun attemptit at Ruthven upoun the xxiij day of August, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir tua yeris foirsaidis, with all confirmationis, infeftmentis or utheris giftis maid and grantit be his hienes or ony uther superiouris thairupoun, betuix that day and his majesties releif foirsaid upoun the said xxvj day of Junii, the yeir of God jM vC lxxx and thrie yeris foirsaidis, ar and salbe of thame selffis null, and of nane effect, strenth, force nor availl in tyme cuming, with all that hes followit or that sall happin to follow thairupoun. Likas his majestie, with advise of his thrie estatis, decernis and declaris all giftis, provisionis and dispositionis of prelaciis, abbaciis, prioreis and nunreis, maid and grantit be his hienes to quhatsumevir personis, his hienes subjectis, upoun the resignationis or dimissionis of the present possessour of the same prelaciis, abbaciis, prioreis and nunreis, with reservatioun of thair awin lyfrentis during the tyme of his hienes restraint and captivitie foirsaid committit upoun the said xxiij day of August, the yeir of God jM vC lxxxij yeris, quhill his majestie, at Goddis pleasour, acquirit his awin libertie upoun the said xxvj day of Junii thairefter, to be likwyis null and of nave availl, strenth, force nor effect with all that hes followit or may happin to follow thairupoun.

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