Anent the auctoritie of the thrie estatis of parliament

The kingis majestie, considering the honour and the auctoritie of his supreme court of parliament continewit past all memorie of man unto thir dayis, as constitute upoun the frie votis of the thrie estatis of this ancient kingdome, be quhom the same under God ever hes bene uphaldin, rebellious and traterous subjectis punisit, the guid and faithfull preservit and mantenit and the lawis and actis of parliament (be quhilkis all men ar governit) maid and establisit, and finding the power, dignitie and authoritie of the said court of parliament of lait yeris callit in sum doubt, at least sum curiouslie travelling to have introduceit sum innovatioun thairanent, his majesties firme will and mynd alwayis being as it is yit, that the honour, authoritie and dignitie of the saidis thrie estatis sall stand and continew in the awin integritie, according to the ancient and lovable custome observit in tyme bygane, without ony alteratioun or diminutioun; thairfoir it is statute and ordinit be our said soverane lord and his thrie estatis assemblit in this present parliament that nane of his liegeis and subjectis presume or tak upoun hand to impugne the dignitie and authoritie of the saidis thrie estatis or to seik or procur the innovatioun or diminutioun of the power and auctoritie of the same thrie estatis or ony of thame in tyme cumming, under the pane of treasoun.

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